How many people died on daydream island in cyclone debbie?

Stacey Reynolds asked a question: How many people died on daydream island in cyclone debbie?
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  • Approximately 300 people, primarily tourists, on Daydream Island were left stranded and in dire need of supplies. Attempts were made to evacuate residents from the island; however, ships were unable to dock as the jetty was destroyed. A flock of cockatoos was caught in the storm near Airlie Beach, and many died while clinging to tree branches.

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In total, the storm caused A$3.5 billion (US$2.67 billion) in damage and fourteen deaths across Australia, primarily as a result of extreme flooding. This makes Debbie the deadliest cyclone to hit Australia since Fifi in 1991.

POLICE hold grave concerns for three people missing in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, as residents in the Queensland city of Rockhampton brace for the worst flooding in 63 years.

Debbie's forgotten victims: Man cares for a bedraggled cockatoo left featherless by cyclone's 260km/h winds. Rescuers have taken another injured cockatoo under their wing after being found ...

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Cyclone Debbie is the largest to hit the region since Cyclone Yasi in 2014 and could cost hundreds of millions in lost tourism revenue, insurance and clean-up. Queensland Tourism Industry Council ...

Hamilton Island soon after it was hit by Cyclone Debbie on 28 March, 2017. Photo by Peter Langtree of Mackay Photograph: Peter Langtree. A resident in Proserpine, named only as Sue, told ABC of ...

One female tourist died on Monday in a car crash that police said was due to wild weather as Cyclone Debbie approached. Another two people were injured as the storm passed through.

Holidaymakers on Hamilton Island say people are in good spirits after enduring a lashing from Tropical Cyclone Debbie overnight, but damage is widespread and Daydream Island is also counting its ...

Cyclone Marcia crossed the coast as a category five before weakening after it made landfall near Yeppoon in 2015. About 350 homes were destroyed and about 60,000 people lost power. Whitsunday Mayor Andrew Wilcox said 58,000 homes in the region were still without power on Wednesday. Internet and mobile services on both islands have been impacted.

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