How much electricity does a 50kw wind turbine produce?

Ezequiel Lubowitz asked a question: How much electricity does a 50kw wind turbine produce?
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Some small (50 kW) wind turbines could produce anywhere from about 60,000 to 170,000 kilowatt hours annually. This is enough electricity to power between 8 and 23 houses for a whole year.

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E Series Specs E3120-4 50kW Turbine. Configuration Three blade, horizontal axis, downwind Rated Power 50kW at 10 m/s Application Direct Grid Tie Rotor Speed 43 RPM IEC 61400-1 Turbine Class: IIIA except annual average wind speed can be up to 8.5 m/s Maximum Average Wind Speed 8.5m/s Survival Wind Speed 52 m/s or 116mph Cutout Wind Speed 25m/s

Assuming your turbine has been well sited and is from a good quality manufacturer the most important factor will be the annual average wind speed. The table and chart below shows the annual energy production in MWh for a range of turbines from 100 kW to 3.5 MW. Maximum Power Output.

A 10kW, has the potential to earn up to £12,000 and 50kW turbine up to £50,000 per year. Q8: Is it better for me to use my wind turbine electricity at home? A8: Yes. As a homeowner you usually purchase electricity for between 10p to 16p per kWh. Hence, it is better to use the electricity directly produced from your wind turbine than to sell it for 3p per kWh to a utility supplier.

This extremely well-performing turbine is producing well in excess of its 50kW rating and is producing an average of 185,000 kWh yearly at its current location in SouthWest England. This is an average of approx. 15,300 kWh per month and exceptional for a 50kW rated wind turbine.

A 50kW wind turbine produces enough energy to power a small US neighborhood. These devices are also intended for agricultural and light industrial applications. It has also been used for years in remote village applications, where diesel power systems supply electricity for a small grid.

How much of the time do wind turbines produce electricity? A modern wind turbine produces electricity 70-85% of the time, but it generates different outputs dependent on wind speed. Over the course of a year, it will generate about 31% of the theoretical maximum output.

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