How much gravity does planet venus have?

Makenna Zulauf asked a question: How much gravity does planet venus have?
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❔ Does the planet venus have gravity?

Yes. The surface gravity of Venus is about 92% that of the Earth.

❔ How much gravity does venus have?

It is 8.87 ms-2 compared with 9.81 ms-2 on earth.

❔ Does venus have gravity?

Yes it does. All objects have gravity but the amount of gravity depends on the mass of the object.

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It has about 9/10 of earths gravity.

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Why does venus and earth have different gravity?

The gravity of Venus is less than that of Earth because Venus has less mass.

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Whats venus gravity?

Venus' acceleration due to gravity is equivalent to 8.9 meter per second squared.

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What is force of gravity in planet venus?

The surface gravity of Venus is 90.4% that of Earth.

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Does venus have stronger or weaker gravity than earth?

Venus has weaker gravity than Earth.

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Does the planet venus' have air?

no, there is no oxygen on venus

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Does the planet venus' have craters?

Venus does have craters. Like Earth, most of the smaller asteroids burn up in the atmosphere.

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How much gravity is there on venus?

It is 90 percent, specifically, about 0.88, of Earth's.

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Does venus have a stronger or weaker gravity than earth?

I have no clue it is very hard to answer.

The gravity force on the surface of a planet is proportional to the planet mass and inversely proportional of the square of the planet radius. Inserting data from Venus and earth it is obtained that the gravity acceleration on the Earth surface is 9.80 m/s^2 while on the Venus surface is 8.87 m/s^2. Being the gravity force obtained by multiplying the gravity acceleration by the mass of the body that is attracted, the same body undergo on the Venus surface about 90.7% the force experienced on the Earth surface. In reality these are data that are rigorously valid on the equator of the two planets, since the planet form is not exactly spherical thus the gravity acceleration varies slightly increasing while moving from equator to one of the poles. However, since the so called ellipticity of the two planets (that is the difference between the average equatorial radius and the average poles radius is quite similar (it depends on the mass difference slightly) the value of the ratio between the two forces (that is 90.7%) is much less sensible to the distance from the equator that the individual forces themselves.

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How much does venus have?

There is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it. How much what does Venus have? Please restate the question, giving more details about what you are looking for.

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Does venus has more gravity than earth?

Venus and Earth are similar in size, and have similar surface gravity. However, compared to Earth, Venus has slightly less gravity (8.87 m/s2 compared to Earth's 9.81 m/s2 ). The surface pressure of these two planets is substantially different, though: it is 92 times greater on Venus than it is on Earth!

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Does the planet venus have flood plains?

No. It is very hot and does not even have any water, so there are no flood plains there.

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How many layers does planet venus' have?

Venus Has 3 Layers.Core,Mantle,And Crust.

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Does venus have a stronger or a weaker gravity than earth?

Venus has much stronger gravity than Earth since it is closer to the sun.

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Does spaceships have gravity?

A spinning spaceship will make its own gravity. It will not be the same as on Earth. It will be artificial. There will be enough gravity to keep the body strong.

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Is there gravity on venus?

Yes there is gravity on Venus

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Is earth's gravity stronger than the gravity on venus?

Yes. Venus has less mass and therefore has less gravity.

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How much oxygen does venus have?

Venus has virtually no free oxygen, whereas Earth's atmosphere is about 21 percent. The oxygen on Earth is generated by plant life, but Venus now has too much heat, too little sunlight, and practically no water, so plant life there seems very unlikely.

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How much water does venus have?

How much water is on Venus?

  • Astronomers have detected that the atmosphere of Venus consists of 0.002% water vapor. Compare that to the Earth’s atmosphere, which contains 0.40% water vapor. Scientists think that Venus had a similar formation to Earth, and it was certainly bombarded by the same comets that delivered vast quantities of water to our early planet.

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How does the sun's gravity affect venus nasa?

Venus is a dim world of intense heat and volcanic activity. Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus' thick, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway 'greenhouse effect.' The scorched world has temperatures hot enough to melt lead. Glimpses below the clouds reveal volcanoes and deformed mountains.

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How many moons does the planet venus have?

Venus does not have any moon there is a theory that it used to have one and that it have hit venus but it remains a mystery

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Land masses and island does planet venus have?

The area of Venus is about 460,000,000 km2, or 4.6 (108).

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Is there more gravity or less on venus or planet earth?

Gravity on a planet is directly related to its mass. Venus is very close in mass to earth with about 10% less mass. Therefore, Venus' gravity is about 90% that of earth.

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How much does the planet venus weigh yhoo?

The mass of Venus is approx 4.87*10^24 or 4.87 septillion kilograms.

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What is the gravity on venus compared to earths gravity?

Venus has a gravitational pull of 8.9m/s2, whereas Earth's is 9.8 m/s2.

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