How much is a portable water purifier?

Carolanne Mueller asked a question: How much is a portable water purifier?
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The LifeStraw is a popular personal water filter you've probably heard of, but for around $20, we think the Sawyer Mini system is a better and much more convenient option.

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Water purifier: $20-$2,500: New plumbing lines and connections: $90-$195: Water softener (optional) $500-$1,500: Total Cost: $110-$4,195

Your portable water filter is designed to give you clean, bacteria-free drinkable water out in the middle of nowhere. These are used in emergency situations, used to purify water from natural sources, such as streams and rivers, and keep one of the most important aspects of your health in full form: hydration. We’re broken down everything you need to know about portable water filters, even getting into a bit of uncharted territory with their uses.

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With that in mind, keep scrolling for a list of the best portable water purifiers you can buy on Amazon. We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too.

Water purifier prices vary based on the type of filtering system. In general, you can expect to pay between $10 and $685 for a water purifier. Carbon water purifiers are usually the most budget-friendly option, ranging in price from $10 to $70. Ceramic water purifiers are slightly more expensive. You can usually expect to pay between $80 and $185.

Bottles. Our range of portable water purification bottles include the LifeSaver Liberty™ – the world’s first and only portable water purifier which is a bottle with inline pump combined – and the original LifeSaver Bottle which has been saving lives for over 10 years and is available with 2 sizes of filters to purify up to 4,000 or 6,000 litres of clean safe drinking water.

The average water treatment system cost range is between $500 and $2,500 nationally, with most homeowners paying around $2,000 for a reverse osmosis system with a sediment filter installed for the entire house.

Portable water purification devices are self-contained, easily transported units used to purify water from untreated sources for drinking purposes. Their main function is to eliminate pathogens, and often also of suspended solids and some unpalatable or toxic compounds. These units provide an autonomous supply of drinking water to people without access to clean water supply services, including inhabitants of developing countries and disaster areas, military personnel, campers, hikers, and worker

This has a three-stage water filter system comes straight from the manufacturer. This is also rated as one of the best emergency portable water purifiers out there that you can bring anywhere. The filter capacity is 100,000 liters, and for sure, it would really take you quite some time in finishing that filter capacity length.

This YouTube video will show you how to make a DIY affordable version of the famous stainless steel water purifiers used around the world to purify water from contaminated sources like surface water, streams and rivers, and rain water. If you can’t afford a $200 gravity water filter. Buy the replacement filters from InfoWars and make your own.

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