How nasa affects the economy?

Marcellus Dickens asked a question: How nasa affects the economy?
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NASA's first economic impact report suggests that the agency generated nearly $65 billion in economic impact during fiscal year 2019, with much of that activity coming from the Artemis program to return astronauts to the moon by 2024.

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Our project will present how NASA impacts on economy, and various fields as technology advancement, business development, human resources and the promotion of STEM. We will create a draft of app to present this impact, with a user friendly navigation between the categories, and visual data to...

NASA Technology Provides Economic Benefit Across the U.S. Every year, new NASA inventions and discoveries make their way into the fabric of our society. NASA has documented over 1,750 spinoff stories (and counting), and each one demonstrates the ways technologies originally developed for NASA missions have come back down to Earth to improve our ...

economic impact that NASA KSC creates within the state of Florida. NASA KSC is a dynamic economic engine, generating employment opportunities, bolstering wage and non-wage compensation, and fueling the production of goods and services which greatly augment regional gross domestic product (GDP).

The Space Age Changes the Economy and Culture of Florida Factories manufacturing crucial products for the space programs emerged all over the state. Space exploration and related industries pumped billions of dollars of federal funding into Florida’s economy. How has NASA helped Florida?

NASA’s expenditures ripple throughout the economy, supporting critical industries, creating new businesses and jobs, and attracting students to science and engineering. NASA invests in technologies and discoveries for the future, and in the process, it delivers social and economic impacts that beneit the nation today.

A comparison of NASA's economic impacts on Houston with those on New Orleans illustrates that the economic effect of the space program varied inversely with the strength of the local economy at the inception of the program. For example, Houston and New Orleans represented strikingly dissimilar economic environments prior to the NASA buildup.

Sustained, robust federal investments in NASA will support a stronger high-tech industrial base, strengthening our economy and solidifying our position as the world leader in space. Many Americans...

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