How natural events turn into disaster?

Mona Miller asked a question: How natural events turn into disaster?
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Whether an earthquake or a tsunami, a hurricane or a flood, the risk that a natural event will develop into a disaster depends only partially on the strength of the event itself. A substantial cause lies in the living conditions of people in the affected regions and the opportunities to quickly respond and help.

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However, when natural hazards adversely affect people then they become natural disasters. Natural disasters are catastrophic events that are extreme and usually sudden. They not only can cause millions of dollars in damage, but they can also cause a lot of death and devastation. The number of reports of natural disaster has significantly increased over the last several years.

A natural event only becomes a disaster when it impacts human life, property, or livelihood. The greater the number of vulnerable populations living in an at-risk area, the more likely an event will be categorized as a catastrophe.

Natural events and human-made emergencies (e.g., armed conflict; climate change; and “development disasters,” such as those ensuing from flooding upstream of dam construction or excessive damage from earthquakes where structures have not been built to code) frequently occur in relatively remote, difficult-to-reach locations, often in the poorer countries of the world that are least able to cope.

Although humans can sometimes influence natural disasters (for example when poor levee design results in a flood), other disasters that are directly generated by humans, such as oil and toxic material spills, pollution, massive automobile or train wrecks, airplane crashes, and human induced explosions, are considered technological disasters, and will not be considered in this course, except when they occur as a secondary result of a natural disaster.

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It is true that some level of natural hazard is unavoidable. There’s likely nowhere on Earth that is immune to all natural hazards: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, drought,...

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