How often should you change air purifier filters?

Catherine Pouros asked a question: How often should you change air purifier filters?
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It's generally recommended to change them along these timelines: True HEPA: 8,760 usable hours or about every 12 months. Activated Carbon: 8,760 usable hours or about every 12 months. Mesh Pre-Filter: Should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks.

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Changing your filter will be dependent on the type and brand of air filter you buy for ...

However, to keep up such quality, air purifiers need regular maintenance and will periodically require filter replacements. Most air purifiers require filter changes to be made every now and then, and the replacement schedule generally varies according to the type of filter.

Carbon filters can be replaced every three to four months. It is essential to know the longevity of filters before investing in an air purifier. How often to change air purifier filter. People who own air purifiers or are planning to buy one generally struggle with this question- How often to change air purifier filters?

So how often should you change your air purifier filters? For the most efficient purification, it is recommended that you change your air purifier HEPA filters every 3-6 months and your Carbon Prefilters every 4-6 weeks.

Simply check your filter by opening the air purifier and looking at the filter. Instructions on locating your filter can be found in the original manufacturer's manual. Most manufacturer's recommend changing your filter every 3-6 months for optimal performance.

On this particular model, the pre-filter should be changed every 3-6 months, while the HEPA filter lasts 2-5 years and the carbon canister lasts 1 year. With that said, it’s absolutely essential to know the changing schedule for your specific model.

This means you should change your filter at least once every three months, but you may want to change it more often depending on the size of your filter. Related Post: Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Bad

Indoor air pollution sources (such as cooking) Pre-filter frequently vacuumed or not. This makes when to change a HEPA filter vary greatly amongst users. So, it is impossible to give a specific HEPA filter replacement timeline that is ideal for all users.

You may wish to reset the timer on the Dyson app to tell it you have had a “new” filter. Scroll down on the app and expand the options, go into “settings”, and click “filter life”. Then hit the “reset” button. Yes, you’re sure. And Bob’s your uncle, you’re all set (as our friends over the pond say).

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