How to tape windows for a hurricane?

Cecil Feil asked a question: How to tape windows for a hurricane?
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  • The best option for taping your windows is to purchase hurricane film. This is a clear plastic film that you place over the windows. Hurricane film does a good job protecting homeowners from glass shards when a window is broken in a storm, but the film won’t stop a window from actually breaking.

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One of the most common myths associated with the hurricane is that taping windows is actually a great way of keeping them intact. Since hurricane shutters are hard to find and boarding up all the windows might be difficult, taping them up was often used as an alternative. Image: flickr. Even so, here is the dire reality about this age old practice: 1.

7 Ways to Prepare Your Windows for Hurricane Season 1. Check the Seals. When it comes to preparing your windows and your home for hurricane season, this is one of the most... 2. Skip the Tape. A lot of people believe the myth that putting tape on your windows in an “X” shape is a good way to... 3…

Should you Tape Windows for Hurricane? - YouTube. August 8, 2013 - The Weather Channel senior hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross say protecting your windows are important during a hurricane, but ...

Cover your window glass with hurricane film. Hurricane film is an affordable transparent plastic that you can leave in place year-round. Measure the perimeter of your windowpanes and buy enough film to cover each windowpane entirely. Peel the film off its backing and stick it slowly to your windowpanes.

The Weather Channel senior hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross say protecting your windows are important during a hurricane, but how effective is just putting tape on a window?

The potato went right through the taped-up window, proving that it doesn't work. "This is a piece of potato, so remember, during a hurricane, which would be flying debris, you'd be talking about flying 2-by-4's," Paul continued. "Obviously it doesn't work well at all."

A tried and true method of protecting windows from hurricanes? Board-up your windows, entirely, at least a day or two before the storm hits. If this isn’t your first plywood rodeo, you’ll have them labeled, so you’ll know which piece of plywood covers which window.

All impact resistant glass windows go through rigorous testing: The first test is called a large missile impact test. A 9-pound 2×4 wood stud is launched at 50 feet per second (fps), or almost 35 miles per hour, at the center of the window. If the window doesn’t shatter, another board is then shot at one of the corners of the window.

Unlike taping your windows during a hurricane, this method of reinforcing your windows DOES make them less dangerous to anyone sheltering inside. It can also help broken windows retain their shape to continue blocking wind and rain. Option 2: Retrofit glass doors and windows with security glass

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