Is a renewable resource used for the generation of electricity?

Hosea Raynor asked a question: Is a renewable resource used for the generation of electricity?
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Why is energy considered a renewable resource?

  • Solar energy is considered a renewable energy source because we are using the sunlight to generate electricity. The sunlight is produced by the Sun, which is considered a renewable resource of power on a human timescale because it will be here to send us light and heat for another 5 billion years.

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Wind, solar and hydro are currently used to produce power. Hydroelectric being the most common and useful of the three methods.

Geothermal power generation is widely accepted as a renewable electricity generation technology. A viable geothermal resource requires water, temperature (300 to 700 F) and permeability to be practical for electricity generation.

There are several renewable resources that can be used for the generation of electricity. Sunlight can be used to generate electricity.

Renewable energy resources There are many different types of renewable energy resources. Renewable sources of energy are constantly being replaced and will never run out. The most important in...

Solar power capacity has increased by more than 5 times in the last five years from 6.7 GW to 40 GW in March 2021 . Government of India further targets to increase the total Renewable Energy Capacity to 450GW by 2030. 42 solar parks of aggregate capacity 23,499 MW have been approved in 17 states up to March 2019.

1-Which of the following is (are) renewable resource(s) (A) wind (B) tides (C) geothermal heat (D) all of the above View Answer (D) all of the above . 2-Which of the following country generate all their electricity using renewable energy? (A) Iceland (B) England (C) USA (D) China View Answer (A) Iceland . 3-Renewable energy often displaces conventional fuel in which of the following area (A) space heating (B) transportation (C) electricity generation (D) all of the above View Answer (D) all ...

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