Is nasa under the dod?

Devyn Hackett asked a question: Is nasa under the dod?
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NASA is an independent agency. It is not part of the DoD or any other cabinet department.

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In terms of environmental monitoring, the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS), a tri-agency program of NASA, DoD, and the Department of Commerce (DoC) that converges the DoD and DOC/NOAA polar-orbiting weather satellite programs, continued to progress.

The agreement commits DOD and NASA to broad collaboration in areas that include human spaceflight, space policy, space transportation, standards and best practices for safe operations in space,...

It directed NASA to conduct peaceful, scientific, and open aeronautical and space research and operations and the Department of Defense (DoD) to perform these activities related to military operations and defense.[1] This mandate was a guiding principle for NASA and the nation's political leaders concerning its spaceflight programs.

Nasa is already under the DoD, they are under the airforce. - #207917672 added by anon at mars

In any case, the result was an extensive study that pretty much showed that there was not much real unjustified duplication, at least in the space side of things. NASA did have its own instrumentation, but the resources either augmented the DoD’s capabilities on an as-needed basis or supported needs unique to NASA that the DoD could not support.

NASA Organizational Chart February 2021. Centers and Facilities. Ames Research Center. IT, fundamental aeronautics, bio and space science technologies. Director: Eugene L. Tu. Armstrong Flight Research Center. Flight research. Director: David D. McBride. Glenn Research Center.

The Efforts of the DoD Services and NASA Toward Green Cleaning Operations. The use of many organic solvents has become increasingly expensive because of environmental controls and reporting requirements needed to comply with more stringent regulation. The Department of Defense is researching an alternative solvent substitution.

In aircraft propulsion, the joint DoD-NASA-industry Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology program successfully completed the testing of Pratt & Whitney's turbofan/turbojet core engine demonstrator, which indicated a significant increase in engine thrust-to-weight ratio.

WASHINGTON - NASA and the Department of Defense recently signed an agreement to develop an integrated national strategy for managing their respective aeronautical test facilities. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Kenneth Krieg signed the National Partnership for Aeronautical Testing (NPAT) agreement.

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