Is there a storm coming in india?

Karlee Yost asked a question: Is there a storm coming in india?
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There are no active storms.

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India News | ANI | Thursday June 24, 2021. Delhi witnessed a sudden change in weather on Thursday afternoon as dust storm and strong wind hit parts of the national capital. Delhi Waterlogging ...

10.50 am: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an alert forecasting that several parts of north India including Delhi could witness thunderstorm and squall with winds gusting up to...

As of Friday evening, EDT, there are no tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean, and none are forecast to develop within the next day or two. However, there is a weak low east of Diego Garcia. This...

As per IMD, India could witness many other pre-monsoon cyclones in the coming years. In 2019, the North Indian Ocean cyclone season was the most active cyclone season ever recorded in Northern...

If realised, this storm will be the second to form in 2021 and the first over the Bay of Bengal this year. Once the cyclone forms, it will acquire the name Yaas, given by Oman. On May 17, ‘Extremely Severe Cyclone’ Tauktae hit southern Gujarat and its remnants continue to head towards the plains of north India.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that India’s western coast is likely to witness the cyclonic storm by May 16. In fact, the low-lying areas of Lakshadweep could be inundated by May 15-16. As per the IMD, a low-pressure area is likely to form over the Southeast Arabian sea around May 14.

Tauktae will continue to unleash flooding rainfall and damaging winds across portions of western and northern India through much of the upcoming week. Depending on the track of the storm, parts of...

No damages and deaths were reported in India. Cyclonic Storm 02B made landfall over Andhra Pradesh in the month of October. Damages were unknown. Cyclonic Storm 04B threatened the coast of Tamilnadu but well remained offshore. It produced heavy rainfall over there. 1981

There are two definite seasons of tropical cyclones in the North Indian Ocean. One is from May to June and the other from mid-September to mid-December. May, June, October and November are known for severe storms.

A powerful storm in Odisha, one of India’s poorest states, flooded hundreds of villages and killed more than 10,000 people in 1999, but more recent tolls have been greatly reduced by greater ...

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