Is there winter in iran?

Theodora Bartell asked a question: Is there winter in iran?
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Iran has a variable climate. In the northwest, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures. Spring and fall are relatively mild, while summers are dry and hot. In the south, winters are mild and the summers are very hot, having average daily temperatures in July exceeding 38 °C (100.4 °F).

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Winter in Iran. In northern and western regions of Iran winter starts with wet snow and averages at 1 to 8 °C (34-46 °F). Southern coasts are usually warmer. Local temperature is 10 to 14 °C (50-57 °F) at daytime while in mountainous regions even daytime temperature are in negative range (below 32 °F).

Winter. In the western and northern parts of Iran, winter starts with wet snow while the southern coast region remains generally warm. The average temperature during winter is 10-14C. January is the coldest month in the country with the temperature dropping down to -80C in some places, especially the northwestern portion.

Another destination to enjoy winter in Iran would be the deserts. During winter and autumn you might like to experience the mild and breezy climate of Iran deserts. Garmeh , Varzaneh , Maranjab in Isfahan Province, Bafgh and Quran Gate (Darvazeh Qoran) in Yazd Province and the Kalouts in Shahdad , Kerman Province will bring you memorial moments in the desert.

Iran Winter season is Iran ski season as most of the places in the world. There might be some ski resorts open in other seasons too. If you want more information on that, you can ask about it in the comments before planning your trip. Iran’s mountainous regions are the most likely regions for snow. During winter, Iran snow season, the weather in southern regions of Iran is often mild.

If you travel to Iran in winter, it is best to go to the warm regions of the south of Iran. The places like Khuzestan, Persian Gulf islands, and Sistan and Baluchestan province. Plus the only Iranian Island of the Caspian Sea that hosts migrant birds from Siberia, but this one is not warm.

The southern part of Iran, compared with the rest of the country is really a world apart, in fact, it is warm to hot for most of the year, semi-desert and with virtually no winter.

There is a lot of snow from late November until early April and it’s almost never too cold. Skiing the Alborz mountain in Iran is something for the bucket list for sure.

Generally, autumn is a great time to visit Iran. Winter. Winter is an excellent time to travel to the Persian Gulf islands of Kish and Qeshm, both of which are free trade zones and are attracting a lot of attention from investors as Iran’s trying to develop their tourism potential. Western and northwestern areas get a decent amount of snowfall.

5 Foods You Must Eat in Iran in the Winter. Posted on 5 January 2020. There are three things to know about Iranian street food: it’s not the typical “street food” you might think of, it’s [mostly] healthy, and it’s seasonal. And when winter comes around, there are a few treats you won’t want to miss.

Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province in western Iran, is covered by snow during its winter days.

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