Javascript - how do i give this spaceship acceleration?

Keaton Turner asked a question: Javascript - how do i give this spaceship acceleration?
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♻️ How to find acceleration of a spaceship?

Acceleration = resultant force divided by mass = 4.51 ÷ 0.050 = 90 metres per second squared (90 m/s 2). This means that, every second, the speed of the rocket increases by 90 m/s. This is nine times the normal acceleration due to gravity. The same method can be used for a full-sized rocket such as the Space Shuttle.

♻️ Is there a spaceship with a constant acceleration drive?

3 Answers3. Assuming acceleration is constant, d = ( 1 / 2) a t 2. So plotted over time, distance traveled is a nice parabola. If you want the time it'd take for a specific distance, it's easy to manipulate d = ( 1 / 2) a t 2. If you're using meters and seconds as your units, a = 9.8 m e t e r s / s e c 2. To travel half the distance to the ...

♻️ How can i display the acceleration value of my spaceship?

A) Find the value of acceleration due to gravity acting on a spaceship orbiting the moon at a distance which is thrice the radius of the moon from its centre.(Value of g on moon =1.63m/s^2) (b) A ball is thrown up with a velocity of 0.5m/s.

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You can do that by applying a scale to the delta X value each frame. dx *= 0.99; Thus you have the basic acceleration, drag, and speed limited value. x += dx; dx *= 0.99; if (input) { dx += 0.01); Do that for both the x, y and angle. Where input is directional you need to use vectors for x, y as follows.

velocity += dt * acceleration position += dt * velocity For rotating, just modify your heading angle when you press left or right directly. You now have the same 'physics' Asteroids has. Now you just need to add in collision detection so asteroids kill your ship and your bullets kill asteroids. Simple circle-circle collision can work just fine here.

But an accelerometer would measure the acceleration due to gravity, so your proper acceleration is $9.81$ ms $^{-2}$ downwards. Say there is are two spaceships floating in empty space. Both their coordinate accelerations and proper accelerations are zero. Now say one spaceship (A) switches on its rocket engines.

Let's take the long path distance, and figure out what the acceleration would need to be: a = d ( t 2) 2 = 930 ⋅ 10 9 ( 1209600 2) 2 = 2.54 m / 2, or about half of the gravitational force. The max speed in each case: Short- 2484750.8 m/s, or 0.83% of the speed of light.

Constant-acceleration drives. Constant acceleration is notable for several reasons: It is a fast form of travel. When ergonomics are considered, they are the fastest form of interplanetary and interstellar travel.; Constant acceleration creates its own artificial gravity to the benefit of passengers, who may thus be spared from having to deal with the effects of microgravity.

4 Answers4. The way to do this in 2019+ is to use DeviceOrientation API. This works in most modern browsers on desktop and mobile. After registering your event listener (in this case, a JavaScript function called handleOrientation ()), your listener function periodically gets called with updated orientation data.

player.body.acceleration.x = ACCLERATION; } + // Stop at screen edges + if (player.x > game.width - 50) { + player.x = game.width - 50; + player.body.acceleration.x = 0; + } + if (player.x < 50) { + player.x = 50; + player.body.acceleration.x = 0; + } + // Squish and rotate ship for illusion of "banking" bank = player.body.velocity.x / MAXSPEED; player.scale.x = 1 - Math.abs(bank) / 2;

If you want get this spaceship rotating at 0.063 rad/s in 30 seconds, the angular acceleration would be 0.0021 radians/s 2. Yes, that seems small—but remember, this is a huge ship.

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