Marines are from mars iraqis are from venus?

Jacinthe Conroy asked a question: Marines are from mars iraqis are from venus?
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  • A U.S. Marine Officer expressed the same sentiment about the Iraqis in an article entitled, “ Marines are from Mars, Iraqis are from Venus.” If the young soldiers and Marines received any cultural briefings it was often the “Do’s and Don’t’s” variety which, thanks to misinformation, is sometimes worse than nothing.


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❔ How far is mars from venus?

Contrary to the illustration in school textbooks, the distance is not fixed. You have to remember that venus and mars are both moving around the sun at different speeds, it's quite possible for Mars and venus to both be on the same side of the sun at the same time (their closest point), or be opposite sides of the sun (the farthest distance). At their closest Mars and Venus pass are roughly 140 million kilometers apart. At their most distant they can be as much as 350 million To go one step further, you could take into account that planets distances to the sun vary because their orbits are elliptical, mars distance to the sun varies from 206 to 249 million km, while that of Venus varies only from 108 to 109. The distance between mars and Venus varies between 97 and 358 million km.

❔ How far is venus from mars?

Well read carefully:Mars: 142,000,000 mi away from the sunVenus: 67,000,000 mi away from the sunthus:142,000,000 - 67,000,000 = 75,000,000 miso Venus is 75,000,000 miles far from Mars.(This would be the distance when they are closest in their orbit)The average distance from Mars to Venus is 9.80 astronomical units. This equals 74,364,646 miles and 119,678,297 kilometers. The Earth is located between these two planets.When they are furthest apart, the distance is 142,000,000 + 67,000,000 = 209,000,000 miles.

❔ Is venus farther than mars from earth?

  • It varies depending on where the respective planets are in their orbits relative to earth. At closest approach, Venus is closer at 24.56million miles than Mars’ 34.7million. At furthest distance - Venus is 161million vs. Mars’ 248million miles.

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What makes earth different from venus and mars?

Mars is much smaller, with a diameter of only 6,792 km. And again, in terms of mass, Venus is almost Earth's twin. It has 81% the mass of Earth, while Mars only has 10% the mass of Earth. The climates of Mars and Venus are very different, and very different from Earth as well.

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Men are from mars women are from venus cherish quotes?

Preview — Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray

  • “Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.” ...
  • “‎" when men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom ”

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Men are from mars women are from venus saying origin?

The book states that most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes, which the author exemplifies by means of its eponymous metaphor: that men and women are from distinct planets—men from Mars and women from Venus—and that each sex is ...

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Is mars friend of venus?

Venus Planet

Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are friendly planets. Sun, Moon and Rahu are enemy planets. Mars and Jupiter are even with Venus.

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Is venus brighter than mars?

Venus, the brightest planet in Earth's night sky, easily outshines all the stars, and is some ~200 times brighter than Mars at the moment this photo was taken… That point is the planet Venus, a planet so bright and luminous that it outshines all other objects in the night sky except for the Moon.

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Is venus smaller than mars?

NO!Because Venus and Earth are almost the same size and Earth is bigger than Mars. so Venus is bigger than Mars. not the other way around.No, Venus is larger than Mars:

  • Venus is roughly twice the diameter of Mars (~12,000 km vs ~6,700 km);
  • is about six times the volume (~93x1010 km3 vs ~16x1010 km3); and
  • has roughly eight times the mass (~49x1023 kg vs ~6x1023 kg)

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How is the surface of venus different from mars?

  • Unlike Mars' comparatively tranquil surface, Venus would be tough for humans to inhabit – its surface temperature is a scorching 465 degrees Celsius, and the atmosphere's thick, acidic clouds whizz all the way around the planet in just five days.

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Is mars or venus farther away from the sun?

Mars is farther. And Earth is between those two in distance from the sun.

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Why venus and mars turned out differently from earth?

The environment of each planet across our solar system is vastly different to Earth. Venus is closer to the Sun and Mars is further away, but distance alone isn't enough to account for the different conditions on these planets.

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Where does men are from mars women are from venus come from?

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (1992) is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, after he had earned degrees in meditation and taken a correspondence course in psychology.

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What year was men are from mars women are from venus?

In 1992 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus was released and became a best seller. It was based on Gray's premise that men and women have different emotional requirements and that a misunderstanding of the differences leads to the breakdown of relationships. The book's lighthearted…

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What's the game men are from mars, women are from venus?

  • "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" is a game inspired by the book by John Gray. Each turn one player draws a card and must answer a multiple choice question. The other players attempt to guess how that player will answer. Points are awarded for guessing correctly.

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When was men are from mars, women are from venus written?

  • Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (1992) is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, after he had earned degrees in meditation and taken a correspondence course in psychology.

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Does mars or venus have water?

The water was first discovered in 2018 by the Mars Express spacecraft underneath an ice-sheet near the planet's South Pole…

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Does mars spin faster than venus?

No it rotates much as Earth every 24hrs approx: Venus is much slower

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How are mars and venus different?

their synodic period is different, their colours and mars is futher from the sun

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How does mars compares to venus?

Many differences... Firstly atmospheres. Mars has barely any atmosphere -- only 1% of the atmosphere Earth has. (This makes observing Mars a ton easier though.) Venus has a immensely thick atmosphere. While Venus is REALLY HOT. Mars isn't always like that. In the winter it can reach a low temperature of -125 degrees Celsius. Venus has no moons, while Mars has two asteroid sized moons. They are called Phobos and Deimos. There are tons more differences that I don't have time to mention. Why not look it up? Believe it or not, it can be pretty interesting. For example, scientist are currently finding evidence of life on Mars.

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How far is venus to mars?

222 million miles

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Is earth mars or venus hotter?

venus is hotter but mercury is the one closest to the sun

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Is venus or mars visible tonight?

Is the planet Venus visible in the night sky?

  • Venus is just 3 degrees from the Sun in the sky, so it is difficult to see. Venus is visible by day, but may be hard to find. View after sunset. Mars can best be seen in the hours just after sunset. Visibility improves as the sunlight fades.

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