May 29 2004 tornado outbreak?

Wendy Thompson asked a question: May 29 2004 tornado outbreak?
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Summary. During the afternoon and evening of May 29, 2004, a cyclic supercell thunderstorm moved through west-central and central Oklahoma producing tornadoes, large hail, and high winds… The supercell produced 10 tornadoes in NWS Norman area and another 6 tornadoes in the NWS Tulsa area in northeastern Oklahoma.

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A memorable storm chase chronicling the first 5 hours of what became a significant tornadic supercell in northern Kansas. Of the four long-lived tornadic st...

The Memorial Day Weekend 2004 Tornado Outbreak was the largest continuous tornado outbreak ever recorded in the month of May. It lasted for two days from May 29–30, 2004 with the final tornadoes occurring during the early morning hours of May 31. This tornado outbreak began in the Great Plains and continued throughout the Midwest.

May 29, 2004. EXPEDITION VIDEO: Anticyclonic tornado near Calumet, OK: Watch video. CALUMET, OK - May 29 brought quite possibly the most dramatic tornado outbreak of the season so far in the Great Plains. The following is a journal of the day's expedition. Times (CDT) are approximate.

The Memorial Day Weekend outbreak produced one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record from May 29, 2004 to the early morning hours of May 31, 2004. During the Memorial Day Weekend, 168 tornadoes touched down from the Midwestern United States from the Dakotas to Oklahoma eastward towards the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys from Ohio and Indiana southward towards Alabama .

May 29 2004 Harper/Sumner County Kansas Tornado Outbreak. Incredible Tornado Outbreak - 10 Tornadoes !! Harper/Sumner County, Kansas - May 29, 2004. The Storm Prediction Center hada High Risk of Tornadoes for the central plains and this was goingto be my last chase day for this 2004 trip so I had high hopesfor the forecast...I was ...

MAY 29, 2004: TORNADO OUTBREAK!! Mark Sudduth, John Van Pelt and myself are leaving Raleigh, NC. this morning at 6am to fly out to Kansas City, Mo. for the possible big tornado outbreak this weekend. I will continue to post updates to this page so you can follow our progress.

Beginning on May 29, after the Storm Prediction Center issued a high risk for severe weather, 149 tornadoes were confirmed in 32 hours, killing five people. The Memorial Day Weekend outbreak is considered to be one of the most prolific in US history in terms of the number of tornadoes.

MAY 29, 2004: TORNADO OUTBREAK CONTINUED!! In the photo above, the supercell thunderstorm was starting to make its way into Harper County, Kansas. In these three photos, the supercell has moved into Harper County. It had really started to get organize had several wallclouds to form over several minutes.

A destructive outbreak of nine tornadoes struck the Great Plains on May 29, 1953. The worst one was an F5 tornado that hit Fort Rice, North Dakota, destroying multiple structures and causing the majority of the casualties that day.Other strong tornadoes occurred that day, including an F2 tornado that did major damage when it struck McLaughlin, South Dakota.

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