Must visit places in mumbai during monsoon?

Vito Nader asked a question: Must visit places in mumbai during monsoon?
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15 Beautiful Places to Visit During Monsoon near Mumbai

  • Panchgani. Panchgani, 244 km from Mumbai, is a renowned hill station that is enveloped with mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and dense forests that look majestic in the rain…
  • Karnala…
  • Alibaug…
  • Kolad…
  • Vihigaon Waterfall…
  • Igatpuri…
  • Mulshi Dam…
  • Mahabaleshwar.

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4. Juhu Beach. If you like the comfort of warm food in the rains as you take a stroll by the beach, then this is the place to visit in Mumbai during monsoon for you. The chaat corner at the entrance of the beach has almost every kind of street food you could ask for. Spiced ‘bhutta’ or corn on the cob is a must have here during monsoons!

One of the best places to visit in Mumbai during monsoon is Marine drive. While the place is already loved by the locals as well as tourists, it will give you a blissful experience during monsoon. The waves get higher in monsoon and so does the liveliness at the place. If you are visiting Mumbai with family, then you must visit Marine drive.

So, here is a combination of places in Mumbai which offer food that is heart-warming and venues which offer breath-taking views of the rains. Make the most of Monsoons in Mumbai. My 5 fav places : Sea Lounge, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai. This is an experience you owe yourself and what better time to enjoy it than the monsoons?

15 Beautiful Places to Visit During Monsoon near Mumbai. For all the nature lovers, the monsoon feels magical in India especially after two months of summer heat and humidity. Mumbai has its own charm during this season with heavy showers and the sound of the ocean. Though the city of dreams has so much to offer, there are other places too ...

One of the best monsoon places in Mumbai is Bandra Bandstand where you can admire the beauty for hours. The endless stories of the stunning Mannat and how one can spot Shah Rukh Khan often around, have made Bandra Bandstand a famous hotspot for anyone who visits the city.

Here is the list of 22 Best Places To Visit near Mumbai During Monsoon. 1. Lonavala, Maharashtra - Misty Weekend Getaway. Previous. 4.1 /5 View 38+ photos. Known For : Tiger's Leap Rajmachi Fort Imagicaa. Popular hill station close to Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is the place to be during monsoons.

Best Places to Visit near Mumbai during Monsoon. 1. Mahabaleshwar. Tucked in the Sahyadri Range, Mahabaleshwar is a tranquil hill station with rolling hills, green meadows and breathtaking valleys. Originally, it was the summer capital of the British Empire and the colonial influences are visible even today.

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In Monsoon For One Day. 1. Karnala. Karnala Bird Sanctuary. This is one of the best roads trips from Mumbai, as during the monsoon you get a majestic view of the misty Sahyadri Ranges. Once you reach this quiet location, you can sit back and enjoy the rains, greenery, and tranquillity.

One of the best monsoon places near Mumbai, Khandala has many attractions as well that are a must visit, especially when it is raining in the central part of India, like the tiger’s leap, the Duke’s nose and the Bhushi Lake, where you can enjoy in the lap of mother nature at her finest.

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