Must visit places near mumbai in monsoon?

Connie Stoltenberg asked a question: Must visit places near mumbai in monsoon?
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Breathtakingly Beautiful Places to Visit Near Mumbai During Monsoon

SI.No.Places to Visit near Mumbai During MonsoonPlaces to Visit
2Lonavala and KhandalaTigers' Leap, Bushi Dam, Imagica Adlabs
3MahabaleshwarElephant's Head Point, Chinaman's Falls
4PanchganiTable Land, Kaas Plateau
5LohagadLohagad Fort

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Igatpuri is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon to get away from the crazy rains of the city. It is a small and charming hill station located in the Sahyadri Hills in the Western Ghats. Dense forests and a number of ancient temples characterize the landscape of Igatpuri.

With its origins dating back to the British Raj, Panchgani is a particularly more suitable of the places to visit near Mumbai during Monsoon for the light yet mesmerizing rains that grace this green heaven in the lap of Sahyadris. Some of the best places to be in when it rains here are the Sydney Point, Table Land, and the Parsi Point.

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In Monsoon For One Day. 1. Karnala. Karnala Bird Sanctuary. This is one of the best roads trips from Mumbai, as during the monsoon you get a majestic view of the misty Sahyadri Ranges. Once you reach this quiet location, you can sit back and enjoy the rains, greenery, and tranquillity.

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for 1 day. It is a hill station near the city and is known for its picturesque views. During rain, the place becomes lively and full of greenery. It features many elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat.

Ashoka Waterfall or Vihi Waterfall is one of the great places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for one day around Igatpuri. Whether you want to go on an outdoor exploration or relax by the camping tent, there's something for everyone in this beautiful monsoon destination near Mumbai.

Ideal for adventure enthusiasts, one can also head to the Bhandardara dam nearby which often overflows in the monsoon. This is sure one of the most ideal places to visit near Mumbai in Monsoon in a day. Distance from Mumbai: 165 km. Type of trip: Weekend getaway. Must Read:Why You Must Visit Mumbai in the Monsoons. 3. Durshet

Mahabaleshwar – Most scenic places to visit near Mumbai during monsoon. Image Source. Temples, waterfalls, stunning views and numerous tourist attractions all this and more makes Mahabaleshwar on of the most famous Places to Visit near Mumbai During Monsoon. Approx Distance from Mumbai: 263 km.

Best Places to Visit near Mumbai during Monsoon. 1. Mahabaleshwar. Tucked in the Sahyadri Range, Mahabaleshwar is a tranquil hill station with rolling hills, green meadows and breathtaking valleys. Originally, it was the summer capital of the British Empire and the colonial influences are visible even today.

As the rain washes the city anew, here’s a list of 10 places to visit in Mumbai during Monsoon: Marine Drive - Synonymous with Mumbai rains. Bandra Bandstand - Fantastic view of the sea. Carter Road - Ideal walk in the rains. Juhu Beach - Warm food in the rains. Worli Seaface - For the solitude seekers.

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