Nasa can't go to the moon again?

Sally Buckridge asked a question: Nasa can't go to the moon again?
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  • Over the decades, NASA has planned to send people back to the moon but has yet to succeed. The Trump administration wants to get astronauts back there by 2024. Astronauts often say the reasons humans haven't returned to the lunar surface are budgetary and political hurdles, not scientific or technical challenges.

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NASA has admitted that they no longer have the technology to send humans to the moon, claiming that it was “destroyed years ago.” According to NASA astronaut Don Pettit, the American space agency don’t have the resources to rebuild the painfully time-consuming technology it would require to send astronauts back up to the moon.

NASA has big plans to return to the Moon by 2024, and it’s banking on the historic Space Launch System (SLS) to get them there. But after years of delays and...

NASA initially targeted 2028 for the first crewed lunar landing since the Apollo days. But this past March, Vice President Mike Pence instructed NASA to get it done by 2024.

But if NASA could do it in the eight years between President John F. Kennedy?s 1961 speech that led to the historic first lunar landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969, some wonder why it is so...

The Trump administration's proposed 2019 NASA budget provides resources to advance exploration of the moon and deep space and pursue cutting-edge science, technology and aeronautics research breakthroughs. NASA to Return Humans to the Moon | NASA.

NASA landed on the Moon 50 years ago this month in the evening hours of July 20, 1969. At the time, the Apollo 11 Moon landing and its spacecraft were hailed a marvel of engineering and science ...

If we, today, said - "Let us build another Saturn V rocket and Apollo CSM/LEM and go to the moon!" it would not be a simple task of pulling out the blueprints and bending and cutting metal. We don ...

NASA stands on the verge of commercializing low-Earth orbit. These experiences and partnerships will enable NASA to go back to the Moon in 2024 – this time to stay -- with the U.S. leading a coalition of nations and industry: NASA's ambitious Commercial Resupply enables American companies to resupply the International Space Station

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