Orangetheory people: what are the tornado classes like?

Hank Little asked a question: Orangetheory people: what are the tornado classes like?
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Orange Tornado: A 2 or 3 group workout designed to train in all 3 areas of treadmills, rowers, and weight room with specifically timed blocks in each area, then switching in a counter clockwise "tornado" direction. High energy, fun, and intense!

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Workouts can also have a different focus, such as Power, Strength or Endurance, depending on the day. In addition, there are special events, extended 90-minute sessions and even “tornado-style” classes in which there are three groups of participants in the room for one high-energy class. What is different about Orangetheory Fitness than other group fitness classes? TECHNOLOGY! First and foremost, all participants in an Orangetheory Fitness class must wear a heart-rate monitor.

The class I'm signed up for today is a Tornado! It has been SO SO LONG since I've done one of those classes and I'm so excited! But I can't remember what a tornado class really is? I just know it's different haha. Can someone remind me what they are?

There are special classes a few times a week called “tornado” classes where the group is divided into 3 smaller groups, rotating more frequently between the 3 workout areas. These tornado workouts also accommodate a larger group of exercisers.

I love Tornados. It's set up like a 3G, with a group on the treads, rowers, and floor, and you just keep rotating. Blocks are short, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins, 90 secs, 1 min. Usually, the shorter row blocks follow the treads. The floor will have 2 or 3 exercises. Because the blocks are so short, I can really push myself.

• What are tornado classes? Every so often, a studio will announce a Tornado Warning. Tornado classes are split into three sections on the treadmill, at the weights stations, and on the indoor water rowers. Tornado classes feel more intense than regular classes, as it’s a challenge to spend nearly twenty minutes on each focus.

If you're not aware, a typical 50-ish-minute Orangetheory class is broken down into three sections composed of a treadmill workout, a rowing portion, and some time spent with weights on the floor ...

Orange 45 - A 45 minute version of class offered during the lunch hour. Tornado - A variation of class in which each members rotate between stations every few minutes. 5… Just like it says overall splats, I want to see overall classes taken… I started my Orangetheory fitness journey in October of 2020.

Like any first-timer in a fitness class, I was a little apprehensive; my goal was to survive and not embarrass myself in front of the group of really fit-looking people.

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