Ping g fairway specs?

Fern Schumm asked a question: Ping g fairway specs?
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Ping 2016 G Fairway Wood Specifications

ModelLoft/Trajectory SettingsLength
3 Wood13.5°, 13.9°, 14.5°, 15.1°, 15.5°43.00"
5 Wood16.5°, 16.9°, 17.5°, 18.1°, 19.5°42.5"
7 Wood19.5°, 19.9°, 20.5°, 21.1°, 21.5°42.0"

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With the G fairway woods, getting the ball in the air is easy with their lower lead edge, which ...

With the G fairway woods, getting the ball in the air is easy with their lower lead edge, which gets the club under the ball so impact occurs higher on the face. The ultra-thin crown allows for a low-back CG to ensure high launch, low spin and extreme forgiveness.

G Le. The G Le fairway woods have a lower lead edge, making it far easier to launch the ball cleanly from the turf, a common challenge with fairway woods. Accuracy was improved by thinning the crown and redistributing weight to maximize forgiveness. Distance is ramped up by a thinner, faster CarTech 455 face. Technology.

The G400 fairway woods' ball speed and stopping power come from an innovative maraging steel face ...

G Stretch. Write a review. This special design is engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and from shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13 degress loft, and lower spin. The lead edge sits lower to the ground so impact occurs higher on the face. An ultra-thin crown alows for a low-back CG to ensure high launch ...

Powered by a forged, maraging steel face, the G410 fairway woods are engineered to launch the ball ...

PING also created a 25% thinner crown in the G Series Fairway Woods; which with the weight savings lowered the CG and raised the MOI. The new G Series Fairway Woods are PING’s most forgiving, straightest flying and highest launching and longer than all the other PING Fairway Woods.

Ping G Stretch 3 Fairway Review. The final version is the G Stretch 3, which as it names suggest is 15cc larger than the standard version at 184cc and only comes in 13° head. The sole weight is more in the centre of the club and moves the CG 16.5mm further forward than the standard G to create a lower spinning, more penetrating fairway for use ...

The G Fairway features a new sole design which has what PING describes as cascading shape. As you move from one stepped tier to next, the sole helps to move stresses away from the face, which allowed PING to thin the fairway’s face around the perimeter for increased ball speed on off-center hits.

The PING G10 fairway woods, Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal winners, offer superb forgiveness and make it easy for players of skill levels to get lots of distance and a high launch from the fairway, tee box or rough. Skirtless Clubhead Design The crown and sole are seamlessly joined, which saves weight for placement low in the clubhead.

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