Ping g20 fairway specs?

Ruby Balistreri asked a question: Ping g20 fairway specs?
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Ping g20 fairway woods

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Ping g20 irons vs g25 irons comparison and review

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External Weighting With weight placed low and to the rear of the clubhead, the G20 fairway woods ...

The G20 from Ping continues their G series tradition with multiple game improvement features packed into a great looking package. Compared to the G15, they’ve added a little more size (165cc vs 154cc), a little more of a “swoop” in the profile, dropped the standard loft from 15.5* to 15*, and changed up the paint scheme.

Compared to the G15 fairway wood the Ping G20 has a larger head and face to help improve forgiveness and add confidence. An external weight port low and back in the head should help to launch the ball high without adding too much spin. The face is also shallower to make it easier to hit from a variety of lies.

The Ping G20 fairway wood is my favorite performer of the entire G20 line up. I tested the G20 15 degree 3 wood with a stock TFC 169F shaft in regular flex. The shallow face easily gets the ball in the air from any bad lie. Ball flight is typically higher with the G20, which I prefer as I can rely on a consistent carry distance.

Ping G20 Fairway Wood 3 Wood Ping G20 Fairway Wood 5 Wood PING’s G20 line of golf clubs has garnered quite a bit of attention in the short time since its release. PING has always been a brand that attracts a loyal fan-base like few companies can, but much of this interest has been from people that are not long-time users of their products. So ...

The Ping G20 fairway woods is a little deeper front to back and the face is a little taller than the G15 it replaces, which is a good thing as Ping fairways are generally a little on the shallow side. We like oversized fairways as we think they are more forgiving, especially off the tee, and the G20 fairways have hit the mark for us here.

July 3, 2012 – We liked the Ping G20 driver a lot, but we like the Ping G20 fairway wood even more. The one we tested at was a 3 (15º loft) with a Ping TFC 169F shaft (R flex), and checking its credentials we found that the Ping engineers have enlarged its head, going from 154 cc on the previous model, the G15, to 165 cc on this one.

Ping G20 Fairway Wood. Trade-in with Value Guide. Credit Offer $42.00 Cash Offer $36.00 Trade In. About this Club. Trade-in Credit $29.00 - $42.00 Trade-in Cash $24.00 - $36.00 Resale Value $58.00 ...

PING Fairways. Facewrap™ technology and Spinsistency™ combine to deliver more distance and spin predictability. A tungsten sole weight increases the MOI. The smaller LST model reduces spin to help faster-swing-speed golfers gain distance on a flatter, lower-launching trajectory.

The Ping G20 fairway woods is a little deeper front to back and the face is a little taller ...

G20 Driver 9.5-degree loft 45.75-inch, PING TFC 169D Graphite Shaft. INITIAL RESPONSE: Not only does the new G20 driver feel light (despite a head weight around 7 grams heavier than the G15), but the paint job is a few shades lighter with a silvery gray finish that does a great job at absorbing glare and reflections.

Ping Golf Irons and Iron Sets. All Products. The game-improvement design of the PING G20 irons was built to help players maximize distance and forgiveness while maintaining consistent distance on shots across the face for better overall scoring and performance. The perimeter-weighted, 17-4 stainless steel head complements an extremely thin face for ...

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