Ping g400 fairway shaft options?

Savannah Runolfsson asked a question: Ping g400 fairway shaft options?
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Ping g400 driver shaft/grip options

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Ping G400 Fairway - Shaft Options

Alta CB55Regular64g
PING Tour 65 (+$35 Up-Charge)Regular53g

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Ping g400 3 wood-tour shaft fitted.

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76g. Low. Tour 65 shaft is available at an up-charge. Tour 75 shaft is available at an ...

Ping g400 fairway shaft options? 👉 Best adjustable fairway woods? ️ Best Fairway Woods – Best 3-Woods and Best 5-Woods. Cobra Radspeed Fairway Review. Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood Review. Honma TR21 Ti Fairway Wood Review. Srixon ZX Fairway Wood Review. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway Review…

The G400 fairway woods' ball speed and stopping power come from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30% more, making them our hottest, highest-launching fairway woods ever. The machined back weight is 25% more dense to increase total MOI for extreme forgiveness and tighter dispersion. Technology.

Ping G400 Driver - Shaft Options. Below you'll find a list of Custom Shaft Options that are available from PING Golf. Spargo Golf will Custom Order your set, and you will receive clubs directly from PING Golf located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shaft Options: PING Alta CB (counter-balanced) 70 (SR, R, S, X), PING Tour 85 (upcharge) (R, S, X) MSRP: $247.50 per club. Availability. PING G400 Series Fairways and Hybrids are available… For more information, visit

There is no Tour 80 shaft for G400 fairway woods on Ping's website. However, when I special ordered my 3 wood at the PGATour Superstore there was an option to select the Tour 80. Even though it was an option I am not certain that it is available.

PING has performed their own testing to categorizes the shaft to compare different performances: Wood shaft comparison: The shaft shows comparison of Stiff flexes of each shaft. Aldila Rogue Silver is one of the lowest trajectory shaft and it is one of the reasons that many tour players prefer this shaft. The Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 shaft actually flies higher than the Diamana S+ 70 model!

CG Aligned with Force Line. The low-back CG is slightly forward of G400 for faster ball speed with maximum stability and forgiveness. Impact occurs higher on the face, accelerating ball velocity with low spin for a long, penetrating ball flight.

Check out the chart at this link: It looks like the Rogue White and Tour 65 should have very similar performance, but I've not hit either so I don't know how the feel of the two shafts compares. 1. Quote. Ping G400 LST, 8.5*, OG Aldila NV 75s. Titleist TS3, 14.25*, Speeder VC 8.2 Tour Spec X.

To be fair the G400 fairway works well from all types of lie and the sound and feel were very solid and above average for the fairway sector. The Ping Alta CB shaft is slightly heavier in the butt to go with the heavier head to increase the MOI and changes colour from copper to black as you put it down at address, which is a nice touch.

Steel Ping G400 Fairway Wood Shaft, Stiff Flex, 42". $35.00. $11.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Ping Tour 75 Stiff 3Wood Shaft .335 tip diameter. Tip and grip included. $32.00. 0 bids. $8.10 shipping.

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Ping g400 sft driver review - mid-handicap testing