Ping i20 fairway wood specs?

Theodore Koch asked a question: Ping i20 fairway wood specs?
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Ping I20 Fairway Wood Specifications


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The Ping i20 fairway woods are geared toward players who want workability, shot-shaping ...

The smooth sole with smaller footprint makes for a versatile club from either the tee or off the deck. The i20 fairway wood will be available in 3S (14º), 3 (15º), and 5 (18º) in both dexterities. Stock shafts include the new proprietary TFC 707F (R, S, and X flexes) and Project X Black (5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 flexes).

Compared to the average fairway the Ping i20 has a low-profile that makes it great off the ...

The Ping i20 is ideal for low to mid handicap golfers, made from stainless steel and able to launch the golf ball. It has a neutral head rotation to promote square impact and traditional head design address profile makes for confident, simplified aiming.

Just like the i20 driver, the 3-wood is incredibly solid. The tungsten weights in the back corners of this head help with forgiveness, launch and feel. To me it felt like they went from the back of the head all the way through the ball at impact. It is such a solid crack when this club meets the ball.

Promotes right-to-left shot bend (RH golfers), with Spinsistency™ and Facewrap™ technologies for generating speed, consistent spin and distance. G Le2 Fairway Woods. A thinner, faster maraging steel C300 forged face, a higher MOI and an 8-lobe adjustable hosel distinguish the G Le2 fairway woods. G410 Fairway.

I like Ping. I play the i20 irons. I am thinking about the Ping driver. But it has been mentioned many times that lofts are jacked for distance, and now it’s come to fairway woods. The Ping 5W at 17.5* is really a 4W and the 7W at 20.5* is almost a 5W. I suppose I could get the Ping 7W and pair it with my 23* 7W and have two 7 woods!

We find this to be very useful in fairway woods as the trajectory is more important and the change in loft can also tweak the lie so that the right dispersion pattern is achieved.The profile of the steel Anser head is 5% larger than the the Ping i20 fairway, but 5% smaller and less forgiving than the Ping G20 fairway. The trajectory of the Anser fairway sits between the 2 models and it is pretty workable.

Ping 2003 G2 Fairway Woods JZ Steel True Temper R,S,X 106 .350" .600" 3C1M / 4C1M / 5C1M * 2003 G2 Fairway Woods TFC 100 Graphite UST / Aldila R,S,X 84-90 .350" .600" 3B2H / 4B2H / 5B2H * 2004 S 59 Tour Irons ZZ 65 Lite True Temper Uniflex 108 .355" .600" 4C1M / 5C1M Taper Tip

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