Ping rapture fairway wood review?

Sydnie Bogisich asked a question: Ping rapture fairway wood review?
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In terms of size, the Rapture is decidedly larger than a typical fairway wood, but well proportioned. If anything, it's a little larger from back to front. The face is not extremely deep, but it frames the ball really well and provides lots of confidence at address.

The Rapture has a great impact sound, but it's a little hard to describe. It's fairly quiet – the Rapture will scare your friends with how far it goes, not with the volume of the hit. The pitch of the impact sound is medium – not low or high – and it has almost no metallic quality to it.

Video answer: Ping rapture fairway wood review

Ping rapture fairway wood review

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They all claim to be long, and many are, but if you really want distance, you want a fairway wood made out of the same stuff your driver is made of: titanium. The PING Rapture is that club. At 13°, 219 ccs, and 43.5 inches, it should prove easier to control than a driver, but it still packs loads of distance.

Model Reviewed: Ping Rapture 7 wood TFC909F reg I sell clubs for a living, so I get to test many and this is the longest hitting model I've experienced. I hit a few shots with one of these (in reg flex), on a practise fairway, about 12 months ago and after 3 shots I knew I wanted one (with the stiff flex shaft) for myself.

The Ping Rapture fairway wood is unusual in that the head size is a massive 229cc, which is what the very first oversized drivers used to be. We don't really see this as an issue as the club was very easy to hit and it was very forgiving from the tee and the fairway.

Better Feel Ping Rapture Fairway Wood Review The Rapture fairway wood is available in 14*, 17* (5 wood), and a 20* (7 wood) with the new TFC 909, Aldila VS Proto, or NV 75. Since the entire head is made out of titanium, Ping was able to make it larger, to increase the moment of inertia.

By Martin Hopley Aug 26, 2008 The Ping Rapture V2 fairway wood has also undergone a makeover with the internal weight pads in the sole replaced with a tungsten sole plate that constitutes a third of the head’s mass. This again allows Ping to position the centre of gravity for a higher launch angle and lower spin.

At 13 degrees and with a 219cc head, the Rapture is essentially a 2-wood aiming to provide more spin and therefore accuracy than a driver without giving up too many yards. At 43.5 inches, it’s half-an-inch longer than the i25 3-wood and like the i25, loft can be adjusted up or down half a degree via the hosel.

PING Ping Rapture 3 Wood Key Technology: This multi-material 3-wood is designed as a longer 3-wood or driver alternative. It features a titanium body, high-strength beta-titanium face and a tungsten sole to increase ball speeds but minimise spin.

Ping fairway woods are engineered to provide you performance and reliability from all types of lies and conditions. In Ping's Rapture V2, the density and shape of the tungsten sole plate positions the centre of gravity (CG) for higher launching, longer flying shots. Each is designed with a high-forgiveness factor and optimal centre of gravity location to deliver longer, higher-launching shots. Through Ping's industry-leading, custom-fitting process, you can determine your ideal combination ...

I picked up a 2013 13 degree Ping Rapture 3 wood the other week. All I can say is "wow". I have played three rounds with it and it is a dream, even off the fairway. It has a great look at adress and a great sound coming from the over-size head.

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