Property damaged in cyclone fani?

Robert Dibbert asked a question: Property damaged in cyclone fani?
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According to the examination, Cyclone Fani devastated as many as 20,367 villages in 14 coastal districts of Odisha. Besides, the cyclone affected 1.6 crore people and damaged 1.88 lakh hectares of agricultural land… Besides, the cyclone affected 1.6 crore people and damaged 1.88 lakh hectares of agricultural land.

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The reality is that Cyclone Fani has caused extensive damage on the ground, impacting so many lives. In fact this disaster caused as much damage on the ground as the Chennai or Kerala floods.

If your house, vehicle has been damaged in Cyclone Fani, here's how you can ensure that your insurance claim is not rejected. 1. Always read insurance policy documents carefully and be aware of all the terms and conditions. Generally, property insurance claims get rejected due to non-disclosure, misrepresentation, and fraudulent acts.

Cyclone Fani has resulted in immense loss to property and to some extent lives in Odisha and neighbouring states. Among the worst hit towns are Bhubaneshwar and Puri. All insurance companies, both public and private, have been asked to follow the regulator`s steps to settle claims that include initiating immediate action to ensure that all reported claims are registered and eligible claims are settled expeditiously.

Cyclone Fani has caused extensive damage in Bangladesh, despite weakening as it blew north from India. More than 1,000 homes have been destroyed and entire villages submerged in the South Asian ...

Per the latest reports from PTI, Cyclone Fani is heading towards West Bengal and is expected to reach the state by Friday evening. Coastal areas of the state are experiencing heavy rain and strong winds.

Cyclone Fani made landfall on the Indian shores on May 3 through the popular tourist city of Puri in Orissa and damaged life and property in the state in the following days By Chakri K June 14th ...

Cyclone Fani made a landfall in Puri with wind speed of up to 240 kmph on May 3, killing 64. (File) Bhubaneswar: An inter-ministerial Central team is in Odisha to assess the damage caused by ...

BERHAMPUR: As many as 1,025 houses have been damaged in Ganjam district by Cyclone Fani, which blew over its coast last Friday, according to a preliminary report prepared by the district ...

The extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani hit Odisha coast near Puri on Friday morning, causing extensive damage to power infrastructure, thatched houses and standing trees.One person died in...

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