Quiet storm - where did the name come from?

Ashton Corkery asked a question: Quiet storm - where did the name come from?
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It was named after the title song on Smokey Robinson's 1975 album A Quiet Storm. The radio format was pioneered in 1976 by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an intern at the Washington, D.C. radio station WHUR-FM. It eventually became regarded as an identifiable subgenre of R&B.


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Has always been another favorite of mine..Enjoy.

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Quiet Storm On Wave 89.1 Jun DJ With an ear for great music, it's no wonder he ended up as Wave's program director. If you have a song stuck in your head... Brandy The R&B Princess

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Quiet Storm (Remix) is the remix of the original version of Quiet Storm with just Prodigy rapping and Havoc doing the hook, which was was released as the album’s second single. This classic ...

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The name Quiet Storm has had this effect since we first started using it in the late 80’s. As original as we thought it was, we were beaten to it by a decade or more. The name ‘Quiet Storm’ first originated in 1975 as an album by Motown legend Smokey Robinson

In 1975, he released his third solo album, and made "Quiet Storm" the title track. The song was a statement. "'Quiet Storm' was my move back into show business," he told Rolling Stone. "I figured I was a quiet singer, and I said to myself, 'I'm gonna change my imagery and my vocal sound and I'm gonna take it by storm - quiet storm!'" Robinson wrote this song with his older sister, Rose Ella ...

We call these MindBombs. And we don’t just come up with these ideas either. Where film is concerned, we produce and direct everything ourselves as well. Why? Because it just makes sense: it’s quicker, more cost effective and ultimately gives you better results. Seems stupid not to! quiet storm, advertising, creative, production, film, integrated, mind bombs, trevor robinson. 15234. home ...

Quiet storm songs are a mix of genres, including pop, contemporary R&B, smooth soul, smooth jazz and jazz fusion – songs having an easy-flowing and romantic character. The format first appeared in 1976 but initially it drew from songs recorded earlier. After the radio format became popular, songs were written to fit the format, and in that manner the radio style became a broad "super-genre ...

The name of the show came from the Smokey Robinson song "Quiet Storm", from his 1975 album A Quiet Storm. The song developed into Lindsey's theme music which introduced his time slot every night. "The Quiet Storm" was four hours of melodically soulful music that provided an intimate, laid-back mood for late-night listening, and that was the key to its tremendous appeal among adult audiences ...

Howard University’s WHUR Radio was the birthplace of Melvin Lindsey’s Quiet Storm, an imaginative mix of unadulterated soul music from the masters of R&B. Melvin’s playlists were copied by countless radio stations but the true sound of The Quiet Storm could never be duplicated.

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A Quiet Storm was later named one of the greatest Motown albums of all time in a 1999 edition of Q. According to Pitchfork journalist Eric Harvey, the record reinvented Robinson's brand of "contemplative romantic soul" with the Miracles , revitalized his career after two underperforming solo albums, and typified what would become known as the quiet storm radio format.

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Quiet storm is a radio format and genre of contemporary R&B, performed in a smooth, romantic, jazz-influenced style.[1] It was named after the title song on Smokey Robinson's 1975 album A Quiet Storm.[2] The radio format was pioneered in 1976 by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an intern at the Washington, D.C. radio station WHUR-FM. It eventually ...

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