Quintessence, accelerating the universe?

Rex Schaden asked a question: Quintessence, accelerating the universe?
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ESA/Hubble, NASA and S. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast), CC BY We know that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, but what causes this growth remains a mystery. The most likely...

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Now, a new theory suggests that the accelerating expansion of the universe is merely an illusion, akin to a mirage in the desert. The false impression results from the way our particular region of...

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Juric.P/ Depositphotos View 1 Images In 1998, it was discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, a finding that earned three astronomers the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011, but...

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Quintessence and the Accelerating Universe Jérôme Martin Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris

Quintessence became a force to be reckoned with about 10 billion years ago, according to the theory. That may seem rather early on in a 15 billion-year-old universe, but cosmologists don't see it that way. The dark energy was created when the universe was 10-35 second old; it did not cause the universe to accelerate for another five billion years.

Observations seem to indicate that our universe is presently accelerating due to the presence of dark energy. Quintessence represents a possible way to model the dark energy. In these proceedings, we briefly review its main properties.

Observations seem to indicate that our universe is presently accelerating due to the presence of dark energy. Quintessence represents a possible way to model the dark energy. In these proceedings...

When it doubt, go back to the basics. That is exactly what cosmologists have to explain why our universe seems to be accelerating. The new buzzword in cosmology these days is "quintessence", borrowed from the ancient Greeks used the term to describe a mysterious "Fifth Element" - in addition to air, earth, fire and water - in the possession of the moon and stars in Place.

Accelerating Universe. Reconstruction of Scalar Tensor Theories. Gemma Frisius (1508. Document 7311798. Dark Matter and Energy: An Overview and Possible Solution. DEK. DEK. 暴涨宇宙学与暗能量. Document 7311545. Document 7311825. Quintessence and the Accelerating Universe Download Report

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To provide an accelerating universe, the quintessence axion should be at near the top of its effective potential at present, which requires a severe fine tuning of the initial condition of $Q$ and ...

There are many alternative explanations for the accelerating universe. Some examples are quintessence, a proposed form of dark energy with a non-constant state equation, whose density decreases with time. A negative mass cosmology does not assume that the mass density of the universe is positive (as is done in supernova observations), and instead finds a negative cosmological constant. Occam's razor also suggests that this is the 'more parsimonious hypothesis'.

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- 3052 - UNIVERSE - The Evolution of the Universe, The laws of physics say gravity is generated by matter and energy. The laws of physics in Quantum Mechanics say that vacuum energy could be the repulsive force of Dark Energy. However, the Quantum Mechanics math we know today calculates a force that is off by 55 orders of magnitude.

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Authors: Zeldovich, Ya B Publication Date: Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1976 Research Org.: Space Research Inst., Moscow OSTI Identifier: 7301033 Resource Type:

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