Reasons why nasa should be funded?

Albert Tremblay asked a question: Reasons why nasa should be funded?
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  • Sustained, robust federal investments in NASA will support a stronger high-tech industrial base, strengthening our economy and solidifying our position as the world leader in space. Many Americans may be surprised to learn that NASA’s budget is only a fraction of 1 percent of the overall federal budget, currently hovering around 0.6 percent.

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Why force people to fund something they see no value in? Another common argument is: “NASA benefits society, therefore we must fund it so that our society will prosper!” If that were the guideline for determining government funding, then our houses, cars, food, and everything else we own should also be paid for by the government.

For the 2018 fiscal year, NASA’s total budget is $19.1 billion, which represents only 0.5 percent of the entire $3.4 trillion national budget. This is but a small fraction of what the U.S. government could be spending on NASA, which could help boost the nation’s economy. In 2005, the so-called “space economy” generated an estimated $180 ...

Raising NASA’s budget would be significantly beneficial for the entirety of the human race, and particularly beneficial to the US. Not only would increase funding the NASA stimulate further space exploration and missions, but it would also stimulate the US economy.

It must support NASA because—unlike the shortsighted imbeciles who think NASA is all about flying rockets and cocky astronauts—the science and engineering being developed at Goddard, JPL, Dryden,...

Commercialization will only do such. It is of utter importance that we continue to fund NASA, for the betterment of science, exploration, and life. Supporting NASA is supporting our future and that is far more important than making money or entertaining a handful of people.

Should the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) be government funded? All the Yes points: The government should stop funding NASA because it is not worth the $17 billion of taxpayers’ money … NASA is such an expensive part of the government budget that it would be better to redirect the mone…

Photo credit: NASA To Explore ... Or Not to Explore Of course, even those who say we should explore in principle, for whatever reason including new frontiers, face the hard reality of funding. This brings us to an essentially ethical question: is it ethical to explore when there is so much that needs to be done on Earth?

Increased funding for NASA would stimulate economy while keeping American industry strong For more than 50 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been the civilian...

NASA needs money to drive innovation, and innovation helps the economy. NASA will need increased funding to research more technologies that can be used here on Earth. Once NASA finally gets enough money for a few decades, they can set up a self - sustaining Mars base.

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