Roblox innovation inc spaceship how to destroy engines?

Callie Veum asked a question: Roblox innovation inc spaceship how to destroy engines?
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Spaceship will cause one of the engines to be destroyed, whilst firing at the Pinewood Space Station triggers one of the requirements for "The Truth" ending. Firing at Star Kepler-11 will cause a supernova in front of the ship. Firing at any location other than the Innovation Inc.

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Innovation Spaceship (IIS) is a space cruiser roleplay game made by Festivereinhard2 for the group Innovation Inc. It is currently the most daily visited game in the research facility genre, second being the Innovation Arctic Base, and third being its competitor's game, Pinewood Computer Core…

Innovation Inc is a popular Sci-Fi building group owned by madattak. It is the largest building and/or science-focused group on Roblox. A very popular game, Innovation Research Labs, has increased the group's recognition within the Roblox community. The first Bloxcast, the Dynamic Lighting Showcase, and numerous blog posts have featured Innovation Inc, and Innovation Labs were also featured as ...

Meltdown. The Meltdown is an event in Innovation Labs which occurs when the core overheats. In order to trigger the meltdown, the temperature must reach 2000 degrees. To achieve this, you must set the fans to 0 and/or keep the Coolant Pumps off. Once it reaches 2000 degrees, it will begin to enter the stages of melting down, occurring at the ...

How to do the "Truth Badge":Destroy all the enginesTips:-Have a friend or two to stabilize the core.-Only fire the beam at the spaceship (Innovation not the ...

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