Rogue fairway wood lofts?

Beth Morissette asked a question: Rogue fairway wood lofts?
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We refined the size, shape and position of the Speed Step to promote better airflow and more club speed. Rogue fairway woods are available in multiple premium shafts and weights – 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, and 80g. Lofts include 3+ / 13.5°, 3 / 15°, 4 / 17°, 5 / 19°, Heaven Wood / 20°, 7 / 21°, 9 / 23°, 11 / 25°.

Additionally, along with the performance that will be offered in the Rogue fairway woods, Callaway will again be providing golfers more loft options than most of its competitors, as well as a wide array of shaft options. Add it all up and if you’re in need of a fairway wood or multiple fairway woods, Callaway has Rogue models that will be a ...

This makes the Rogue easier to get up in the air and therefore for more average swing speed players, the Rogue is going to be a much better option than the Epic. There is a wide range of lofts from a 3+ at 13.5° up to an 11-wood at 25°, which is two more heads than were in the Epic range.

As with the Rogue Driver (check out our full review here), Callaway designed the standard Rogue Fairway woods for the majority of players and the Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Woods for professionals to low handicappers. In general, for the hybrids, the more substantial profile Rogue X Hybrid will work best for mid to high handicappers.

Rogue The First Fairway Wood with Jailbreak Distance Technology Rogue fairway woods are the first fairways with Jailbreak technology, and also Start Earning Cash 4 Your Clubs Today! ... Multiple premium shaft brand and weights – 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, and 80g. Lofts include 3+ / 13.5°, 3 / 15°, 4 / 17 °, 5 / 19°, Heaven Wood / 20°, 7 / 21 ...

The Rogue Fairway lineup features the same stock shafts as the Rogue driver lineup. Stock weights for fairway wood shafts are 10g heavier. Aldila Quaranta – The replacement for Epic’s Diamana Green. It’s the lightweight, highest launch offering in the Rogue stock lineup. It’s suitable for slower, less aggressive swingers.

The Callaway Rogue woods allow the player to adjust loft and sole weights, giving its user the freedom to customize the feel and performance to suit their pl...

THOMAS GOLF FAIRWAY WOODS LOFT CHART >> Club Equivalent to ourLoftLieHead MaterialLength (inches)Size (cc)2 Wood-1256Stainless 45

The fairway woods, whether 5 wood or the 7-wood golf club, can be used to tee off on par 3s. There is some difference in the flight made by the 7 wood and the 5 wood. The 5-wood golf club has a flight that is quite similar to that of 3 iron ball flight.

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