Roof damage post hurricane?

Dillan Bode asked a question: Roof damage post hurricane?
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Some of the biggest dangers of strong wind storms are the deterioration of your shingles and the possibility of debris falling onto your roof and damaging it. Shingles can lift, come off, be punctured and leave spots open for leaks come the next rainstorm.

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The National Hurricane Center estimates Irma caused $50 billion in damages, making it the fifth costliest hurricane to ever hit the United States. Under the circumstances, a roof over your head is...

After a hurricane, roof damage is a common problem for homes located in the path of the storm. From roof leaks to large scale structural damage, the aftermath can be quite serious. While you might want to start fixing the damages yourself, these types of repairs should only be conducted by professionals who have years of experience with hurricane roof repairs.

Post-Hurricane Investigations. IBHS has conducted several damage investigations following major hurricanes to assess building performance across different wind speed zones, exposures, and construction eras. All data are georeferenced and focus on details such as terrain exposure, elevation and roof structures, finishes, openings and opening ...

Make sure to check for roof damage from wind, hail or fallen branches, document any problems, and work with your insurance company and an experienced contractor to fix any issues. 3 Most Common Post-Hurricane Roofing Repairs. Here are 3 basic things to look for when checking your roof for any potential damage. Missing, damaged, or loose shingles

The National Roofing Contractors Association’s got some tips on tackling roof repair post-hurricane. commercial commercial damage commercial roof hurricane hurricane damage severe storm damage storm damage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. 877-784-ROOF. CONTACT US TODAY!

Hurricane Irma had many devastating effects. One of them was the damaged roofs of thousands of homes. This similar to storms Gene and Francis that hit in 2004, Wilma in 2005 and Andrew that wreaked havoc across South Florida in 1993.

Moment hurricane-force winds tear roof off business in Florida amid Tropical Storm Elsa. The wild footage shows the roof being torn off Cannon’s Towing on ThursdayThe footage was taken by another business around the corner, video surveillance company Secur-Net USA It happened at the same time National Weather Service reports show Tropical Storm Elsa tearing through Duval County, Florida ...

Roof damage should be reported within a set amount of time after the damage has happened, some insurance companies require that a damage claim be filed within one year after a storm occurred. However, be sure to have a certified inspector see your home first to determine if the damage is large enough to file a claim with an insurance company versus paying out of pocket.

Roof damage is the most common type of hurricane insurance claim we see after a hurricane, wind storm or hail event. Wind from hurricanes and tropical storms can cause substantial roof damage – whether just a few loose shingles or the total destruction of the entire roof structure.

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