Should i draw fairway woods?

Maegan O'Hara asked a question: Should i draw fairway woods?
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How to hit a fairway wood | my golf tutor | golf instruction

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  • If you are tired of having to rotate your forearms aggressively through the ball to square the club face up, a draw biased fairway wood is a great option for you. Lastly, take a look at the sole of the club. The sole is very flat compared to most fairway woods that have more curve to them.

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Cobra Radspeed Draw fairway woods are available in 14.5-degrees, 18.5-degrees, and 22.5 degrees. Weight distribution nearer the face (16 grams near the face and 7 grams in the back) assists in keeping spin low for a low penetrating ball flight thus fighting the slice promoting a draw.

Having more loft, fairway woods are easier to hit than drivers. They don’t travel as far, but a well-struck ball hit off the tee with a fairway wood can still travel over 220 yards. A 2-, 3-, or 4-wood is an easy-hitting alternative to a driver. 2.

Callaway has historically made the most forgiving fairway woods. Long, wide, flat soles and club faces. Low center of gravity designs. Those two things simply increase the sweet spot and reduce spin – a great combination for golfers that struggle with their fairway woods.

Playing fairway woods from the rough all depends on the specific lie that you happen to draw in the grass. If the ball is sitting up nicely in some short rough, there should be no problem using your fairway woods to hit the shot. However, if the rough is deep and the ball is sitting down at the bottom, you will likely be better off choosing an iron to get back onto the short grass as quickly as possible. There are no hard and fast rules for playing your fairway woods from a rough lie – you ...

Not with a fairway wood. Even the most promiscuous of club hos doesn’t replace his fairway woods every season. The point is, even if nobody expects to sell a freighter full of fairway woods, you still have to put something on the shelves. Their presence alone shouldn’t suggest that the consumer actually wants them.

Paige: Play a draw with fairway woods. August 21, 2015. Paige Mackenzie and Charlie Rymer share tips for drawing the ball with fairway woods. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

There is a good chance that any driver that has been intentionally made to be draw enhancing will also be closed face, further reducing the likelihood the ball may be pushed, faded or sliced since that is what the majority of golfers do. Offset drivers and offset fairway woods can be draw enhancing by the nature of their design.

Most fairway woods have longer and broader soles and require cleaner contact and a more shallow approach to the ball than hybrids. But, don’t let that scare you off of carrying a wood or three. The longer shaft and larger heads that fairway woods feature give them a considerable edge in distance over their same numbered counterpart.

Fairway Woods. Hot List. Gold. Callaway Big Bertha B21. Gold. Callaway Epic Max/Speed. Gold. Cobra Radspeed/Draw/Tour/Big Tour. Gold.

To hit fairway woods, start by taking a wide stance with your shoulders squared and the ball slightly to the left of center. Then, when you swing, use a smooth, even motion, and keep the club low the ground as you go to hit the ball. You want to make a light divot in the ground under the ball to give it air, so keep your club low when you swing down. Also, instead of scooping the ball up with your club, you want to drive down into it and move it forward.

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