Should i take astronomy in high school?

Melody Simonis asked a question: Should i take astronomy in high school?
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  • While you are in high school, you can take classes to prepare you for college. You should focus on science and math classes, and you should take Astronomy if your high school has it available. Other helpful classes include computer science and computer applications. You also take probability and statistics.

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Astronomy is mostly physics and math with a little chemistry and computer science thrown in for good measure. So if you want to prep well for that focus on doing well in those types of courses in 12th grade. However the best thing you can do is focus on learning good study and learning habits. Which means figuring out how to manage your time well.

A better approach is to complete math through pre-calculus in high school. This gives students who plan to major in astronomy or physics the necessary grounding in mathematics needed to start their science courses as soon as they begin college.

Senior Year: Optional Electives There is no standard science subject for high school seniors. Most high schools do not require seniors to take a science class, but if you choose to, you can take an elective. Electives are offered on a wide variety of subjects, including astronomy, human biology, and zoology.

While a B.A. is great if your plan is to teach astronomy in high school, to become an astronomer you'll need a B.S. degree. In your freshman year at the University of Kansas, for example, you would...

Astronomers Requirements Step 1: Take Science Classes in High School While you are in high school, you can take classes to prepare you for... Step 2: Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree When you go to college, you will need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Astronomy,... Step 3: Earn Your Master’s Degree Next, ...

Usually, the astronomy classes we encourage non-STEM majors to take are built around the assumption that they haven’t had any college science classes, are out of practice from what science and math they had in high school, and generally are not scientists.

Of course, you would be taking a much simpler high school class. You would have a given formula of the size of Betelgeuse or something and you'd have to calculate how many earths can fit inside (one million if I can remember. I'm too lazy to Google search.). Of course, I'm only guessing the high school part. I haven't taken that class yet.

The focus question of Why teach astronomy in high schools provides the starting point for discussions with Dr. Krumenaker and with students who have taken an astronomy course in high school. Bio: Colin Jagoe is a high school educator in Ontario Canada. He has taught secondary school science for 12 years, and is currently an Instructional Leadership Consultant for Science and Technology K12 in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Ontario.

If you are a high school student who wants to become an astronomer, the best advice is to study hard. It's important to take a lot of academic classes in high school if you want a career in any of the sciences, so make sure you fit in four years of science, math, english, and social studies. You should read magazines like Sky and Telescope or ...

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