Should i use water purification tablets?

Arianna Swift asked a question: Should i use water purification tablets?
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When used correctly, water purifying chemicals are generally safe. They themselves are a safety measure intended to be consumed, after all! However, when in tablet form, they can easily be mistaken for medications, vitamins, or candy, and children who gain access to them can swallow them.

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With water purification tablets you actually put chlorine dioxide, iodine and/or chlorine in water (depending on the brand or the type of tablet). The use of chlorine-, iodine and chlorine dioxide-based water purification pills is not without risks. On the long term, or when you consume high amounts of these chemicals, it can damage your health.

In this post, we’re discussing the how’s, when’s, and why’s of using water purification tablets, along with sizing up five of the best water purification tablets available today. Between filtering, boiling, UV radiating, and chemically altering, there are plenty of ways to treat contaminated water in the backcountry—and lots of discussion about which method is best.

Water purification tablets are effective against Giardia lamblia when used as directed.

If you’re stocking a cabin, cave, or BOB with water purification tablets, you certainly want to consider the lifespan of the product. The iodine tablets from Potable Aqua have a one-year shelf life. That’s pretty good, but the Micropur tablets have double the lifespan, lasting for two years or more.

Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets are well-priced and give a mild taste to the water, which is better than what most tablets give to water. The tablets are individually packaged which is convenient compared to one large bottle. One tablet treats one quart so they’re simple to use.

Tablets kill bacteria and viruses. Another good option to consider is a steripen, which treats water using UV light. It kills cysts, bacteria, and viruses, is more compact than a filter, and is faster than tablets. Katadyn, a water filter company, suggests doing so.

Water is purified according to the constituent present in the tablets. Some tablets purified water in 30 min whereas some take around 4 hours. Water purifier tablets changes taste after purification. You can use different neutralizing tablets which can remove the permanent taste of iodine or chlorine.

Water purification tablets are a great alternative when you can’t boil water or let it sit under the sun. There are a few instances where water purification tablets might do the job better than other purification methods. The first situation where you might want to use tablets is if you need clean water fast.

Intended for short-term or limited emergency use, these handy tablets will purify drinking water in just 35 minutes. Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets are able to make most water bacteriologically suitable for drinking, protecting you against Giardia lamblia when used as directed, similar to portable water filters.

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