Should you replace grass divots on fairways?

Tyra Borer asked a question: Should you replace grass divots on fairways?
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As with ball marks on the greens, it's a good practice to sand other divots in the fairway in addition to your own… Sand around it if there's any void. If you come across an old torn-up piece of turf, you can replace it, too, Smith says, but only do so if it still has some moisture.

  • When no sand is provided, find the turf that was sliced off from the fairway. If you've taken a "clean divot," you'll find the turf still in one, neat piece. But sometimes, the turf will be in bits in pieces. Just retrieve it as best you can, and replace it in the ground.

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Golf tips : how to repair a golf ball divot on the putting green

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Repairing divots is an important duty of golfers who create them. According to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, a repaired divot can speed up the healing process (meaning: the grass will cover over the scar in the fairway) by a couple weeks, as opposed to an unrepaired divot.

As far is using the sand and seed being used this still causes a messy look by the old divot laying on fairways and maintenance staff to remove. Mowing over old divots has a large impact on the quality of cut due to the cause of mower blades dulling quicker. Jeremy’s point about dulling the mower blades is referenced in several locations.

Even if the piece of grass that you put back ends up dying, the soil conditions will be improved. This will allow the divot to fill in faster. The replaced divot might provide a better lie to the next golfer that ends up landing a ball there. Many golf courses provide divot repair mix on their carts or sometimes on the course.

The rules of the game stipulate that all players should repair their divots on fairways and greens. All too often we see telltale grass clumps lying 15 yards away from the culprit shot. It is quite obvious that the player made no attempt to either retrieve the grass nor even a cursory effort with remediating the wound left on the fairway.

2 main reasons why divots shouldn't be Replaced on the tee..... First has already been mentioned which is you might slip on it while taking your shot. Secondly, some people place their ball directly on the ground and not on a tee. If it's placed on a repaired divot and they don't notice, then it could cause a mishit.

If the divot is intact and there is soil still attached, simply replace it in the correct orientation and firmly press the divot into the ground with your foot. Pressing down is important because this establishes good contact between turf roots and the soil, which helps the divot heal.

This question comes up from time to time: should golfers get free relief from divots in the fairways? The commenters above, and many other golfers, seem to think the answer should be "Yes." If your ball finds its way into a divot - sand-filled or unrepaired - you should be able to mark it, lift it, clean it and drop it on unmarred grass, they say.

If you do, you should be entitled to relief. Okay, it’s often possible to play a shot from a divot hole, but the challenge is far greater than from nicely mown grass. And the steep angle of attack necessary to find the back of the ball brings that most dreaded possibility into the equation – a shank! The Rules of golf are generally fair and reasonable, but no relief from a divot in the fairway is one I believe should change.

You should be entitled to a fairway lie if your drive is on it. I have snapped a shaft in the Club Champs playing from a divot. It can hurt and is quite dangerous. A seeded divot should be GUR as the greenkeeper has taken time to fill it but when you play your shot there’s nothing to put back.

Divot repair advice for golfers There is quite debate about whether golfers should replace the divot with the grass patch or not. Some argue that it is advisable not to fill the divot with the patch that has been sliced off as this will make the surface appear seamless.

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