Sldr fairway review?

Adelia Corkery asked a question: Sldr fairway review?
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Taylormade sldr fairway wood - globalgolf review

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The Sound & Feel. At impact, the SLDR fairway wood has a nice lower-tone sound and solid feel to it. One great thing about this fairway wood is the clear feedback it gives for balls struck near the toe, heel or other off-center hits.

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Taylormade sldr s fairway wood review -

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TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Wood Review on July 17, 2014 50 Words or Less The TaylorMade SLDR S fairway wood offers great distance with a low, forward center of gravity, and it has plenty of versatility as well.

The SLDR Fairway Wood has firmly supplanted my previous “go to” club, the Rocketballz 3W, and has me pondering another upgrade with the SLDR Rescue now available as well. You can read all about the SLDR line of fairway woods on the TaylorMade Website.

Even you are not a fan of SLDR tp fairways but one thing is for sure that you can deny the fact that this product has the best color scheme which makes this fairway the most beautiful club in the market. Blue accent, dark color crown, and brushed sloe increase the beauty of this fairway to the next level.

Pros: The SLDR fairway woods and hybrids offer a low-spinning trajectory in a clean and refreshingly understated package. The next generation of “speed slot” technology is marginally better, and the “real deal” TP shaft options are big selling point for better players.

The SLDR fairway wood has excellent ratings on Amazon (4.4/5), Global Golf (4.8/5 with over 86 reviews), and on the TaylorMade website (4/5). Although the club is now many years old, it still remains perfectly relevant and delivers a quality, modern performance.

The SLDR line is no different with its metallic charcoal crown, brushed sole, and blue accents. The result is possibly the best looking fairway wood that TaylorMade has released in years.

Either fairway can also be customized to the length you want. Unlike with past TP models, the only difference between the TP and regular SLDR is the shaft options. The SLDR Rescue runs $219.99 and comes in 17 (#2), 19 (#3), 21 (#4), and 24 (#5) degree lofts with a Fujikura Speeder 82 in R, S, or X.

“Golfers were asking for an SLDR fairway that has a lower and more forgiving profile,” says Todd Beach, VP of Product Development for TaylorMade. “This fairway has a shallower face and larger head engineered to deliver distance and playability.” Details: £189. Available in 15-23° in 2° increments.

Had a chance to hit a SLDR 3 Wood today and wanted to share a couple of thoughts. I play a SLDR driver and LOVE IT. Once you get it dialed in there is nothing better. But in my opinion PING makes the best fairway woods and hybrids bar none.

Following the success of the SLDR driver, TaylorMade have announced the launch of the new SLDR fairway wood. Featuring all the same low/forward centre of gravity benefits of the driver, the fairway wood doesn't feature the sliding weight technology but does promise more distance.

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Taylormade sldr fairway wood