Space engineers can't paste ship?

Kayleigh McDermott asked a question: Space engineers can't paste ship?
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If you try to paste in a ship larger than the blocklimit it will not let you. Press ALT-F10 and enable Space Master Controls (then exit the menu). Then Press F10 to bring up your Blueprint List. Select a Blueprint and then press CTRL-V to paste it.

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Double check the Info screen, make sure its been converted to ship after pasting. You might also check your world settings, to make sure copy/paste is enabled. When ever you switch a world to survival, it toggles copy/paste off, and it stays off untill manually retoggled.

Accidently deleted large ship, can't paste it back in. : spaceengineers. Well, I'm in need of help. The situation is this; I was inside my large cruiser while finalizing it when I accidently pressed CTRL+C and CTRL+X at …. Press J to jump to the feed.

Yes we can but we must aim at the block we want to paste on the other to create the Blueprint (Ctrl+B) of it and use this blueprint in all your creations, like assembling specific part to complete the ship. OR Simply use Ctrl+C on that part, but must not be on the ship to create a copy or a Blueprimt of it.

A quick tutorial on how to copy a ship from one map to another and also change the game mode from creative to survival.

Also, to use your saved ship in a new game prss F10 to bring up the blueprints window. double click on the print you want and press Ctrl+V to paste the ship (if in creative mode) You can also use Ctrl+C to copy the ship and save it to your blueprints window.

you have to enable the copy and paste option in the editing menue for the world. it's the same as enabling auto-save. since the last patch all worlds have copy and paste disabled so you need to enable it for all the worlds you want to use it on.

You don’t need to paste it as just having it on your clipboard is enough – you can hit ESC to vanish the pasteable wireframe. If you accidentally blow up your ship an instant before an autosave, you can paste a new copy. Also, if your ship does manage to start hurtling off into space, you can paste an unmoving version and get back to work.

Space Engineers - Beacon block and copy/paste/delete When your cross-hair is directed towards ship or station, use "Ctrl" + "C" to copy object into clipboard. Clipboarded items may also be transfered to other save files by simply exiting your current save, loading the next and than pasting the item into space.

Copy/Paste/Delete. Players can copy any of their creations with the (default) - CTRL+C function. This saves the creation in the clipboard (only 1 may be copied at a time). The creation will remain in the clipboard till the player exits the game. So, copied creations from one world can be pasted in another loaded world.

Nov 6, 2015 @ 11:30am. I found out docking or using landing gears on ships you are taking over will immobilize your ship. One reason I found out is that their remote control or programing block turns on autopilot for your ship even if you dont have a remote control. THus you have to reload game to fix immobilized ship.

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