Space engineers how to change spawn ship?

Breanna Hoppe asked a question: Space engineers how to change spawn ship?
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Simply export via SEtoolbox, rename the file to respawnship. sbc, then drag and drop into the prefabs folder. Thanks. Your spawn is decided by the medibay you're locked to.

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To quickly change all blocks in a ship to a single ownership type, press CTRL+A to select all blocks and then change the ownership like normal.

Start Space Engineers and click New World, Custom World; None of the settings matter. Just click the Mods button and select your local mod in the list (should have a white folder next to it) Click the Publish button and then click Yes stating that you agree to giving over your 1st born child. Place a checkmark in the Respawn Ship category and click OK

You may need to refresh the blueprints menu before you see your new subscriptions Then select the blueprint and press OK. Then in game press CTRL-V to paste the ship into the game and left-click to complete the pasting process. Prior to left clicking you can move the ship around to find an appropriate place to paste it.

If checked, disables any players ability to select a respawn ship or spawn as a space suit from the respawn screen. The only means of respawning into the world are only through Med-bays. This option is best suited for Scenarios; Enable jetpack. If enabled, the player(s) will be able to use their jetpack to fly around in the world.

Merge your spawn pod to any static grid, and the message goes away. For your earth pod, that's a small grid so you'll need to use a large rotor with a small head. You'll want something like this: Armor block in the voxels and sticking up a few meters to give you room. Stick a rotor off the side, grind off the large head and add a small one.

Probably too late to be any use, but you can delay the cargo ship despawn by slowing them down in the sandbox.sbc file. They despawn when they have passed 10,000 km or something, so slowing them down increases the time it takes for them to cross the distance.

Your spawn is decided by the medibay you're locked to. If you're destroying the ship every time you respawn, you're destroying you're spawn point essentially. If you build a new medibay on your station and use it, you'll lock to it and spawn at it until it's destroyed. -4

For those who don't know how I thought I'd post how to change the spawn rate of cargo ships. I personally find that they spawn too frequently and make survival too easy, and so I limit their spawn to once every hour or so. The steps involved are below. First go to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data

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