Space engineers how to change station name?

Jaqueline Okuneva asked a question: Space engineers how to change station name?
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  • Go into your controll panel, select the antenna and you should see a space where you can change the name. #1 Zwanzibar Aug 12, 2014 @ 5:32am Also there is now a mod on workshop with gives you big honking metal letters to paste on your ship and give it a proper "USS Spacemoth*f*cker" name!

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You need to own the majority of blocks to rename the grid. I assume you are playing in creative where the default owner is "Nobody". Thus go to the terminal and select …

You will see the txt box lower right with an 'OK' button next to it. For some reason that doesn't always show up. I don't know why, but that menu option is absent from …

Go into the info tab, it should be down the bottom right. Unless it's been changed in the last 2 days.

Surround the player name with quotation marks ("player name with spaces") if it contains spaces. /gps Adds a new GPS point from your current position. Add 'share' to …

This allows the engineer to connect a pasted station to a pre-existing station. Stations can be converted into Large Ships by going into the terminal , selecting …

Connectors are the prime way of connecting grids. By putting one on a ship, and one on a station, you can move the ship closer allowing them to activate - press p to …

Or do you strictly have to use the brush? Would be nice if I designed something and decide against the color, I could easily change it without having to paint manually. Thanks!

They can spawn if the "Enable Economy" option is selected in the Advanced World Settings Menu. They are spawned in various zones of the world, with several on each planetary body, several in orbit of each body, and more in deep space.

As you can see only second one contains changed display name, but you can add your own to any of them. Let me show you how to translate those 3 items: Add("Ice", "Ore", 0, "Lad"); Add("Stone", "Ingot", 40000, "Strk", "gravel"); Add("Iron", "Ingot", 300000, "Zelezo"); On first line I added default quota 0 and then new display name of the item.

Enemy players and beacons or those not in a faction will display in Red. Players and beacons in allied factions will display White. Players and beacons in your own faction will display Green. Beacons you own will display Blue. By default, all factions are considered hostile, but the founder can change this.

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