Space station 13 how to drag items?

Beryl Kessler asked a question: Space station 13 how to drag items?
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  • To drop an item, simply hit the Drop button with the item in your active hand. If you're bored already and can't be assed to do these exercises then you're probably not going to like Space Station 13. If you are eager to learn, however, you will become a good player.

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Left-click on something while holding Control to drag it. This won't work if the item in question is fixed in place. You can use this to drag almost anything otherwise. Press H, Delete or use the pull icon to stop dragging. Hold Shift and

From Space Station 13 Wiki. Jump to ... click on the box to access its inventory and click on the item of choice, or click-drag it onto a tile to dump everything out… in various office supply closets scattered through the station, the Morgue, the Operating Theater, the Chef's Catering supplies locker, or a Belt Hell station.

You can drag two things at once, as long as one of them can have the grab intent used on it. Ctrl+click one and grab intent the other. Very useful in Xenobiology where you're trying to drag a bunch of monkey or slime corpses at the same time. You can do something similar with non-grabbable things with telekinesis and Ctrl+clicking.

If you drag a person inside the chute just as you exit from it, you will recover from the stun before them. You can practically stunlock them by throwing them back into the chute. Dropping an item while you are inside the chute will cause it sit in the chute until it is disposed of or ejected. You can also manage your backpack while inside the chute.

Drag an item (seed, fruit or ore) onto it and you will start pulling all items of that type adjacent to you into the satchel. Click the satchel to dump everything in it on your tile. Click a table to dump it out there, or a suitable machine (the mining fabricator, mainly) to fill it with the contents.

Hold the container in your hand and then drag & drop it onto a table or floor tile. You can also take things out of a container without picking it up by dragging and dropping it onto your character. At the top right-side corner of the game screen is the health indicator. You begin at 100 and your indicator will turn red as you take more damage.

How do I take an item from someone or give one to them? Stand next to them, click and drag their character onto yours and then click on one of their items to take it off or, if you have an item in your active hand, click on the slot where you wish to put the item.

Things you can make by having Bananium sheets in your hand and activating them: 4x bananium tiles (1 bananium sheet) Clown Statue (5 bananium sheets) Some other things you can do with Bananium: Insert into a Protolathe/Techfab. Some products need this material, such as the air horn. Insert into an exosuit fabricator.

While pulling something, click an empty floor tile with empty hand = Drag the pulled object to the clicked floortile if possible. End = Toggle throwing mode. Page Down = Use the object in your active hand. Middle Mouse Button or Page Up = Switch your active hand. Click the Drop button on your HUD = Drop the item in your active hand. Delete = Stop pulling.

Next useful thing on there is the Pull indicator, in the very lower right. If you are pulling something, it will show up as a man with a box. Click him to stop pulling (or walk into the item you are pulling to push it away). Next up on the UI is the action bar along the bottom. Drop drops whatever is in your active hand straight down.

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