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❔ Why does venus appear as a crescent?

Venus presents a thin crescent in telescopic views as it comes around to the near side between the Earth and the Sun and presents its new phase when it is between the Earth and the Sun. Since the planet has an atmosphere it can be seen at new in a telescope by the halo of light refracted around the planet.

❔ What moon orbits venus?

No moons orbit Venus.

❔ How often are the planets venus and jupiter seen from earth directly above the crescent moon?

Every now and then

❔ Why is venus always in the crescent phase?

  • Venus is shown in the crescent phase, because that is its phase at it brightest Planets which are outside the Earth’s orbit, such as Mars and Jupiter, are always at their brightest when they are at their full phase (i.e. 100% illuminated) and are at their closest to Earth.

❔ Has venus' got a moon?

No Venus does not have a satellite or moon.

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Can mercury be a moon for venus?

No. Mercury orbits the sun, not Venus. Therefore it is a planet, not a moon.

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Do earth and venus have one moon?

Earth has one moon. Venus has no moon.

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Does sailor venus die in sailor moon?

Yes she does but she comes back to life with the rest of the Sailor Scouts.

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Why doesn t venus have a moon?

  • Why doesn’t Venus have any moons? There appears to be evidence that Venus did have moons in the ancient past. That’s because Venus is rotating backwards from the rest of the planets. Seen from above, all of the planets rotate counter-clockwise.

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Why is the moon larger than venus?

The moon is 1,737.10 km and Venus is 6,052 km so it is not smaller. The moon is closer to the earth so it looks bigger in the sky.

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How far is the moon from venus?

It depends in what position the moon is eg. Full moon, half moon or new moon!

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How far is venus from the moon?

  • The distance to the Moon is about 384,000 km, while the closest distance to Venus is about 38 million km. In other words, the Moon is about 100 times closer to Earth than Venus. Both the Moon and Venus can cast shadows when they’re in the sky. The Moon can be bright enough to almost read by.

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How often does venus kiss the moon?

These Venus-moon rendezvous occur on roughly a monthly schedule. If Venus were stationary and did not appear to move against the star background, a Venus-moon encounter would occur every 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes.

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What does venus over the moon mean?

it means you krazy

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Is it a moon orbiting around venus?

The planet Venus does not possess a moon.

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What will happen if venus have moon?

Venus will also have an eclipse

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Where is venus tonight from the moon?

Is the planet Venus visible in the night sky?

  • Venus is just 3 degrees from the Sun in the sky, so it is difficult to see. Venus is visible by day, but may be hard to find. View after sunset. Mars can best be seen in the hours just after sunset. Visibility improves as the sunlight fades.

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Who was the first person to see the crescent phase of venus?

  • The first recorded observations of them are thought to have been telescopic observations by Galileo Galilei in 1610. Although the extreme crescent phase of Venus has since been observed with the naked eye, there are no indisputable historical pre-telescopic records of it being described or known.

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Does venus have a moon or a sun?

Venus does not have any moons. It revolves around the sun as the earth does and the six major planets. Also asteroids and comets also revolve around the sun.

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How big is the moon compared to venus?

  • The Earth is on average 162 million miles (261 million kilometers) from Venus. The moon is 238,900 miles (384,400 km) from Earth. The Earth is 7,926 miles 12,756 (km) in diameter. Doing some math. When the moon is closest to Venus it is on average. = 161,761,100 miles (260,615,600 km) away. When the Moon is farthest from Venus it is on average:

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How big is venus compared to the moon?

The diameter of Venus is about 3.48 times the moon's diameter. A better comparison is with the Earth. Venus' diameter is about 96% of Earth's ... practically the same.

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How did nasa map venus from the moon?

The Planet Venus. Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and is Earth's closest neighbor in the solar system. Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, and sometimes looks like a bright star in the morning or evening sky. The planet is a little smaller than Earth, and is similar to Earth inside.

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Did venus have a moon in the past?

Venus has no moon, yet this moon was discovered in the 1700s.

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Did venus pass the sun or the moon?

The sun. The moon orbits the earth and is our nearest space object - sometimes it passes between us and the sun, this is called a lunar eclipse. Venus orbits the sun. It is nearer the sun than us, so very occasionally it passes between us and the sun. This is called the transit of Venus.

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Can you see venus with a moon filter?

  • Without a moon filter, the image you’d see through you’re telescope lens would be too bright to make out but, once you’ve attached a moon filter to the device, you should finally be able to make out its form. Much like the moon, Venus can be seen in phases, from a crescent disk like shape to a full round view of it.

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Why does the moon look brighter than venus?

  • When the moon is close to full in Earth’s sky, it can look a lot brighter than Venus, but the moon reflects only about 10 percent of the light that hits it. The moon’s low albedo is due to the fact that our companion world is made of dark volcanic rock. It appears bright to us only because of its nearness to Earth.

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Why does venus have phases like the moon?

You know how the moon rotates around the Earth, and has phases because of the suns rays hitting its crust? Its the same with Venus. You know that Venus revolves around the sun, right? But did you know that it also has phases? Its true. Anyway, Venus's phases are just like the moons. I don't know why Venus has phases, but I sure do know how.;)

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How far is venus from the moon today?

So why is the Moon so much brighter than Venus? It's closer. The distance to the Moon is about 384,000 km, while the closest distance to Venus is about 38 million km.

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How far away is venus from earth's moon?

The distance varies as the Moon goes round the Earth while the Earth goes round the Sun AND Venus goes round the Sun. Thus sometimes Venus and Earth are on the same side of the Sun and at other times they are on opposite sides of the Sun. Obviously then the distance changes between the two extreme configurations. The best I can do is to tell you that Venus orbits the Sun at a distance of 108,208,000 km, the Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of 152,100,000 km, while the Moon orbits the Earth at a distance of 405,400 km.

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What if mercury was a moon of venus?

That would be extremely unlikely. It would be very hard for something as large as Mercury to form as a satellite of Venus. It would be much, much harder for it to transfer from an orbit around Venus to an orbit around the Sun, especially without spiralling in or ending up on a really elliptical orbit.

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Is venus or the moon closer to earth?

The moon, which is, by far, the closest celestial object to Earth. The moon varies between about 220,000 and 250,000 miles from Earth. Venus never comes closer than 24,000,000 miles.

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'is venus the only planet with no moon'?

No. Besides venus, mercury also has no moon.

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Is there a sailor moon in sailor venus?

  • Though they often deferred to Sailor Moon, in her past life, there was no Sailor Moon. During the reign of the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Moon was Princess Serenity, whom Sailor Venus and the rest of the Sailor Senshi swore to protect with their lives. In the modern day, the group became the best of friends.

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Which is brighter the full moon or venus?

  • The full moon, meanwhile, is a magnitude –12.7 and the sun is –26.8. So Venus will be considerably brighter than Sirius this week, but nowhere near as bright as the moon. It is bright enough to cast shadows, when observed on a moonless night from a dark location.

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What would happen if the moon hit venus?

  • An object as big (=mass) as the Moon hitting Venus would have a dramatic effect! And it wouldn't matter whether it was made of ice, rock, or iron (except for the fine details).

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What would happen if venus was our moon?

"If Venus had a moon, we should suppose the system would look a lot like the Earth - Moon system : so close to the sun, it would be unlikely to have a moon forming far from the planet like in the outer solar system.

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What are my sun moon and venus signs?

  • If your moon sign is your emotional core, then your Venus sign is your emotional style. The astrological sign most of us know is actually our "sun" sign. That's the one in the description at the back of the magazine, and it's generally… general.

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What's the distance between venus and the moon?

  • What is the distance from Venus to earth? Average Distance from Earth to kilometers and miles Moon 384403 km (239,200 miles) Sun 149.6 million km (93 million miles) Mercury 155 million km Venus 170 million km 6 more rows ...

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How old is sailor venus in sailor moon?

  • Sailor Venus was the first Sailor Scout ever created and was mistaken for being Princess Serenity. She is the lead of the scouts and, like the rest of her group, is 16 by the end of the series.

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How often does the moon appear near venus?

  • Venus eclipses occurs when the position of the earth, moon and Venus is parallel. it is not unusual for the moon to appear to pass close to Venus. In fact, the moon appears somewhere near it about once a month. Itulah contoh explanation text tentang fenomena alam gerhana venus (venus eclipse).

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In sailor moon who is the princess is it venus or sailor moon?

Usagi Tsukino also known as Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess in all versions of the Sailor Moon series however in Sailor Moon Crystal Mina Aino (Sailor V also known as Sailor Venus) lies about being the Moon Princess in order to keep the truth about Sailor Moon from their Dark Kingdom villains such as Queen Beryl, Queen Metallia and the Four Kings of Heaven who served as Beryl's henchman; Jaedeite, Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoisite.

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Does venus have any moon or rings or both?

Venus has none

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Why does venus not have a moon or rings?

  • It also doesn’t have any moons; although, Venus might have had a moon in the past, but it probably crashed back into the planet billions of years ago. For a planet to have rings, it must have formed further out in the Solar System, where water ice would be able to freeze into chunks of ice.

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Who is sailor venus in the sailor moon anime?

  • Sailor V is mentioned in the manga and anime before she finally appears as Sailor Venus. So of the five original Sailor Scouts, Sailor Venus has been fighting evil the longest. In the anime, she worked alone in England fighting against the forces of the Dark Agency. Sailor V is actually a role model to Sailor Moon in the anime.

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Why is venus getting farther away from the moon?

because venus dont like moon

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Why is the moon and venus so bright tonight?

  • But because the Moon is closer to Earth, it looks bigger than Venus, so the total amount of light that is reflected back to us is bigger. When you look up at night, the Moon will seem much brighter than Venus. There’s one extra reason the full moon is extra bright – and it’s called the opposition surge.

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How to find out your moon and venus sign?

  • To learn what sign your Moon and Venus are in, use the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. It will compute your personal transits for 2017 and the planets in your birth chart. Make sure to scroll down to the end of the page, where you’ll see your planets and the signs they’re in.

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Is it possible for venus to have a moon?

We know that the planet Venus has no moon; nevertheless, the moon was discovered many times in observations by competent astronomers.

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Which is closer to earth the moon or venus?

  • When there are on opposite sides, they are about 258 million kilometres (160 million miles) apart. The moon is 380,000 km (240,000 miles) from Earth so, at most, the moon will be that much closer to or further away from Venus. Plastic surgeon reveals 1 method to snap back aging skin. Beverly Hills surgeon reveals at home fix (no creams needed).

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Which is smaller the moon or the planet venus?

  • It is slightly smaller than Earth’s moon and is extremely hot. As in 850 Fahrenheit or so. NASA launched the MESSENGER probe in 2004 to learn all about Mercury since we don’t really know much about it. 2. Venus Venus is the second planet in our solar system and is named after the Roman goddess of love.

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Is the earth closer to the moon or venus?

The moon, which is, by far, the closest celestial object to Earth. The moon varies between about 220,000 and 250,000 miles from Earth. Venus never comes closer than 24,000,000 miles.

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What are the characteristics of the moon and venus?

  • The nature of that charm is found in the characteristics of the sign the Moon and Venus occupy. If in signs like Aries or Scorpio, the charm is less accessible in nature, but it’s still present in spades. Appearances are often important to these individuals, and/or there is a distinct need for peaceful,...

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What time is venus supposed to kiss the moon?

When to see Venus and the moon "kiss"

The kiss between the moon and Venus can be spotted in the hours after sunset on Thursday, February 27. When you notice it getting dark, head outside and look to the southwest horizon if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

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What is the size of the moon for venus'?

Venus does not have a natural satellite, though the asteroid 2002 VE68 presently maintains a quasi-orbital relationship with it.

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What is the distance between the moon and venus?

Virtually the same as the distance between Earth and Venus, which varies greatly according to where each is in its orbit. At its closest to Earth, Venus is still more than 100 times as far from Earth as the Moon.

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