Taylormade m1 fairway wood review?

Ariel Cummings asked a question: Taylormade m1 fairway wood review?
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The M1 fairway wood generates near driver-like distances on well struck shots and performs especially well from the deck. Golfers that use it will see a tangible benefit in the sliding weight system and hosel adjustability as well as a club to fall back on with confidence should their driving become erratic.

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The M1 fairway wood is TaylorMade’s first multi-material fairway, featuring the same carbon composite section on the crown as the M1 driver. Where the R15 fairway wood had one 25g sliding weight, the M1 fairway wood has two sliding weights, giving golfers the option of splitting the two weights to the perimeter to raise forgiveness.

The M1 comes with the excellent Fujikura Pro 70 shaft in a 3, HL and 5 wood models that cover lofts from 15° to 19°. The TaylorMade M1 is a very good fairway, but it still has the same issue as the R15 and that is why you would go for it over the cheaper, non-adjustable, Speed Pocketed TaylorMade fairway option that is currently the AeroBurner?

50 Words or Less. Despite a different look and construction, the TaylorMade M1 fairway wood is not different than the R15 fairway wood in performance.. Introduction. If you believe the product descriptions, every new product that TaylorMade releases is chock full of “new technology” and “breakthroughs” and the M1 fairway wood is no exception.

The TaylorMade 2017 M1 fairway wood packs a punch with a strong feel and a lot of power. Introduction. I have a high level of appreciation for what TaylorMade did with the 2017 M1 fairway wood. In 2016 they had a perfectly fine fairway wood, but they realized they could make it a lot better.

Review: TaylorMade M1 fairway woods. Pros: One of golf’s most adjustable fairway woods. New dual weights allow golfers to more finely tune trajectory. Improved ball speeds over TaylorMade’s R15. Cons: Unlike the M1 driver the fairway wood does not have a “Back Track,” so golfers can’t adjust CG forward and backward.

ClubTest 2017: TaylorMade M1 fairway wood review. April 18, 2017. TaylorMade M1 fairway wood. Courtesy of Taylormade. CATEGORY: Better Player Fairway Woods. PRICE: $300.

In the M family the M1 line has the moveable weight options that the M2 line does not and this continues with the TaylorMade 2017 M1 fairway. Having had two 15g sliding weights in the previous M1 fairway, we are now back to the single 25g tungsten weight that we first saw in the TaylorMade R15 fairway.. Now it has taken a back seat as the sliding weight track is positioned in the middle of the ...

2017 TaylorMade M1 fairway wood review. The new 2017 TaylorMade M1 fairway wood benefits from the same technological upgrades as the M1 driver – most notably use of more carbon fibre on the crown, which is also lighter, helping TaylorMade make the driver more forgiving.

Watch Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman test and review the new 2017 TaylorMade M1 fairway wood on the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor Become...

TAYLORMADE M1 . CATEGORY: Better Player Fairway Woods PRICE: $300 WE TESTED: 3 (adjusts 13° to 17°), 3HL (adjusts 15° to 19°), 5 (adjusts 17° to 21°) with Fujikura Pro 70 graphite shaft KEY ...

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