Uber during snow storm?

Marlee Weissnat asked a question: Uber during snow storm?
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yes. When weather is bad (rain, cold, snow) more passengers use Uber.

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Uber during snow storm? I live in suburbs of MA, we are getting a snowstorm tomorrow but I have somewhere I have to be in the middle of the day of course. It's only 10 minutes from my house but I'd rather not drive myself as my brakes don't handle snow very well.

The secret is to drive slowly and be very conscientious." The ride-hailing services will have drivers on the streets through the weekend, representatives from Uber and Lyft said, and they expect business to be strong. "During a snowstorm, demand definitely goes up," said Craig Ewer, spokesman for Uber. Advertisement.

This is a vlog episode of today's snow storm in Calgary, Alberta. One of the main highways Deer foot was shut down. There were 238 crashes due to this snow s...

As temperatures in Chicago plummeted last month, Uber and rideshare prices soared. On Feb. 15, after a storm swept Illinois with a sheet of snow, Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a disaster proclamation, encouraging people to stay indoors. Cars were buried in several inches – or feet – of snow. Power outages were seen across the state, and freezing ...

I had a previous experience with snow if it is bad as in 2 inches and the governor or whoever is in charge declared a state of emergency like last year there was a constant , capped 2.9X , until late every thing gets normal but you need to be very careful because 90 % of the drivers doesn't know how to drive on snow

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If you hail an Uber during the snowstorm that is beginning to hit the Northeast, you will be paying more than the normal fare. But you shouldn’t be encountering the kinds of fares riders had ...

The San Francisco-based ride-sharing company anticipates demand to surge during the winter storm that’s projected to hit the Charlotte area Monday evening. Victor J. Blue BLOOMBERG

Luxury cab app Uber is under fire for charging New Yorkers insanely high prices during last week's snow storm. Uber, which sends private cars to your location with a tap of a button, raised fares ...

Scott Dennis posted an apparent screen image of Uber rates for traveling from Manhattan to his home in Yonkers during the storm. It listed pricing of about $135 for UberX and $213 for Uber XL ...

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