What are damaging effects of a hurricane?

Merl Anderson asked a question: What are damaging effects of a hurricane?
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  • and flooding.
  • Agricultural impact. Hurricanes can mightily affect agriculture…
  • Effect on humans. Hurricane winds can do a whole lot of destruction…

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The Primary Hazards of a Hurricane are storm surge, high winds, debris, tornadoes, and rain/flooding.

Negative Effects of hurricanes. Storm surge, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, high winds, riptide, and death are the most major effects of hurricanes. Storm surge. While a hurricane is approaching the coast, the sea level increases swiftly. Since the sea level rises, the amount of water can cause many deaths from drowning.

SOC101B Social Studies Group B Hurricanes Effects of a Hurricane Hurricanes are devastating to the countries they hit. The loss of life can be heavy, and the cost of damage can run into the billions. These are the Four most Damaging Effects of a Hurricane.

4 Types of Damage Caused by Hurricanes #1 Strong Winds. Windy days are typically refreshing, especially in the summer heat, but strong, hurricane winds can... #2 Storm Surge. Storm surges are the deadliest result of hurricanes. The hurricane winds can cause sea levels to rapidly... #3 Flooding…

Tropical cyclones cause heavy rainfall and landslides.

Hurricanes are among the most damaging of natural disasters. A Category 4 or Category 5 storm can reduce U.S. economic production and increase unemployment. Large hurricanes also depress the stock market and other financial markets.

During a hurricane, intense positive pressure is created on a structure as the wind impacts the building (windward face). As the wind flows over or around a structure it can cause “lift” on the roof or “suction” on the opposite side (leeward face). This “suction” is normally referred to as negative pressure.

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