What are the expectations of hurricane dorian hitting nova scotia?

Emil Terry asked a question: What are the expectations of hurricane dorian hitting nova scotia?
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Hurricane Dorian is forecast to move into the southern marine waters of the Maritimes Saturday morning before nearing or coming onshore in eastern Nova Scotia Saturday evening. The storm is expected to be a Category 1 hurricane, or a very strong post-tropical storm, as it passes through.

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The National Hurricane Center said that Dorian had lost the features that make it tropical system and had transitioned to a post-tropical storm. It was still poised to hit Nova Scotia on Saturday ...

The Hurricane Center expects the storm to transition into a hurricane force post-tropical storm that will make a direct hit on Newfoundland and Nova Scotia beginning Saturday, where hurricane...

On Sept. 28, 2008, hurricane Kyle blew into Nova Scotia as a marginal Category 1 hurricane. Kyle was the first hurricane to make landfall in Canada after Juan, arriving just one day shy of the ...

Nova Scotia officials say they expect weather to deteriorate as Hurricane Dorian approaches – Sep 7, 2019 The shelters are located at the Dartmouth East Community Centre, Canada Games Centre and ...

September 08, 2019 Hurricane Dorian's Nova Scotia visit has left plenty of messes to clean up. The storm left almost 369,000 people without power, and brought down trees (and something bigger in one instance) all along the coast.

As Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc across the U.S., Atlantic Canada is bracing for a storm to hit the area this weekend.. According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre, Dorian is expected to hit Nova Scotia around 3 p.m. local time on Saturday, moving into Newfoundland on Sunday.Maximum wind speeds are expected to be between 85km/h to 150km/h, weakening as it moves up through Newfoundland.

Having left a trail of destruction through the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian is about to hit Nova Scotia. Halifax-based meteorologist Cindy Day joins the show to discuss the conditions there and expectations with the eye of the storm now only a couple of hours away from passing the Canadian maritime territory

A street is blocked by fallen trees as a result of Hurricane Dorian pounding the area with heavy rain and wind in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Sunday. Canadian Press via Associated Press Email icon

Ross Lord has that story – Sep 23, 2020. The centre of post-tropical storm Teddy made landfall in eastern Nova Scotia on Tuesday morning, delivering another round of strong winds and heavy rain ...

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