What are the gods and goddesses for the names for mercury venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune and pluto?

Erin Gislason asked a question: What are the gods and goddesses for the names for mercury venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune and pluto?
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❔ What do mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus and neptune have in common?

they are all planets

❔ In order what are these venus earth mercury pluto asteroid belt neptune mars uranus jupiter and saturn list them in order?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

❔ Which planet has no rings saturn jupiter uranus venus or neptune?

Venus. Each of the four gas giants; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune has a ring system. Saturn's ring system is by far the most spectacular, and known as 'THE' ringed planet. None of the four inner or terrestrial planets has a ring system; Mercury, Venus, earth or Mars.

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The planet Mercury is named for the Roman god Mercury (Greek = Hermes), messenger of the GodsThe planet Venus is named for the Roman god Venus (Greek = Aphrodite), the goddess of loveThe planet Mars is named for the Roman god Mars (Greek= Area), the god of war.The planet Jupiter is named for the Roman god Jupiter (Greek = Zeus), the king or father of the gods, god of thunder and lightning.The planet Saturn is named for the Roman god Saturn, a Roman agricultural god later identified with the Greek Titan Cronus as the father of Jupiter/Zeus.The planet Uranus is named for the Greek sky god Uranus or Ouranos, the father of the Titans who were themselves the parents of the gods. His Roman equivalent was Caelus or Coelus.The planet Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea and fresh water, Neptune (Greek = Poseidon).The minor planet Pluto is named for the Roman god of the underworld or after life, Pluto (Greek = Hades)

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What is the radius of the following planets mercury venus earth mars jupiter and mars?

Mercury:757.75 miles Venus:1,925 miles Earth:1,981.75 miles Mars:1,050 miles Jupiter:22,125 miles

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Which is the odd one out of mars mercury neptune and venus?

It is Neptune. This is because Mercury, Mars and Venus are all "rocky" planets, where as Neptune is a Jovian planet, meaning it is a giant gas planet.

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What is the warmest planet out of jupiter venus mercury mars or earth?

Mercury. When the Sun is at it's peak, surface temperatures can reach 700 F. (370 C.). Improvement: Venus has the highest temperatures.

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Which planet is closest to the sun venus mercury mars or jupiter?

Mercury. But Venus Is Hotter

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Mercury venus earth mars are called what?

Terrestrial Planets.

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On what date was there an unusual alignment of the sun moon and the planets mercury venus mars jupiter and saturn?

how many moons does Venus have?

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Mercury venus earth and mars are?

Terrestrial planets. They are also called Inner Planets.

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What do mercury venus and pluto have in common?

All three planets have Rocky crusts. And a rock and Iron core.

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How big is saturn compared to neptune and venus?

  • Problem 1 - Saturn is 10 times bigger than Venus, and Venus is 1/4 the size of Neptune. How much larger is Saturn than Neptune? Answer: Neptune is 4x Venus and Saturn is 10x Venus, so Saturn is 10/4 = 5/2 times as big as Neptune. Problem 2 - Earth is twice as big as Mars, but only 1/11 the size of Jupiter.

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What naked eye planets that never appears next to a full moon venus mars jupiter saturn?

Inferior planets (Mercury and Venus) can never be opposite to the Sun, since they are nearer to the Sun than we are. Therefore, it follows that they can't be seen next to a full moon, which is opposite to the Sun in the sky.

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What are mercury venus earth and mars called?

Inner planets orTerrestrial Planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the "Inner" planets (as they are inside the asteroid belt), but are also called the terrestrial planets, as they are primarily composed of rock and metal.Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are all inner planets.

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What are my mercury mars and venus signs?

  • Like Venus and Mars, Mercury is the ruler of two zodiac signs: Gemini (Mutable Air) and Virgo (Mutable Earth). As the ruler of two Mutable signs, Mercury is a fast talker, a mover and a shaker. Its energies tend to be bright, buzzing, and bountiful.

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What is common in mars mercury and venus?

Don't have notrogen

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Is venus larger than mercury but smaller than uranus?

Yes, Venus is larger than Mercury but smaller than Uranus.

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What happens when mercury, venus and saturn are in conjunction?

  • The conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Saturn makes them lone wanderers in life due to their negative attributes. Their mind keep fluctuating, so they tend to lack a purpose and direction in life.

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Which planet would you weigh less that you do on earth saturn venus mars or jupiter?

This question is harder than it might seem. The answer is: You would weigh less on both Venus and Mars. You would weigh more on Jupiter. As regards Saturn, you could weigh more or less depending where on the planet you were. For example, at Saturn's equator the effect of the planet's rotation would be enough to reduce your effective weight to less than your Earth weight.

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What is the biggest venus mercury mars or earth?

Earth is the biggest.

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What does earth mars venus and saturn have in common?

What does Venus and Saturn have in common?

  • The Earth and Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter have several things in common. They are approximately spherical, they revolve around the Sun and around their own axis, they follow elliptical orbits, they are large, they have an irregular surface, and they have an atmosphere.

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How are mercury venus earth and mars alike?

The four planets closest to the sun—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars—are the inner planets, also called the terrestrial planets because they are similar to Earth… All of the inner planets are solid, dense, rocky planets. The inner planets either do not have moons or have just one (Earth) or two (Mars).

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Mercury venus earth mars which has more gravity?

  • Our Solar System has eight planets which are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Out of all of these planets, Jupiter has the most gravity. In fact, the only object in the Solar System with a gravity larger than Jupiter is the Sun.

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Which is hotter venus or mars or mercury?

  • Here are a few general differences between the planets Venus and Mars : Venus is hotter than Earth and is the hottest planet in the solar system (hotter than Mercury), Mars is colder than Earth.

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