What damage did the hurricane do to florida?

Carmela Champlin asked a question: What damage did the hurricane do to florida?
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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that Irma caused at least $50 billion in damage in Florida, far exceeding the cost of Hurricane Andrew, the previous most destructive cyclone in the state's history. The hurricane left 84 deaths in the state.

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Hurricane Dorian largely spared Florida, but it brought power outages, rough waves, heavy rain and flooding. Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando airports closed. Hurricane Dorian: what did it...

Each hurricane season, MicroTech gets calls from around Jacksonville and North Florida from people dealing with hurricane damage, rising flood waters or other water related challenges. When the weather rough in Jacksonville, we are on top of it offering Water Extraction & Water Damage Restoration services but we were curious about historically ...

What type of damage did Hurricane Andrew do? In total, Andrew destroyed more than 63,500 houses, damaged more than 124,000 others, caused $27.3 billion in damage, and left 65 people dead. Andrew began as a tropical depression over the eastern Atlantic Ocean on August 16. Was Hurricane Andrew a natural disaster? Hurricane Andrew, 1992.

Florida Bay. Hurricane Irma passed across Florida Bay as a Category 4 storm, producing strong and immediate impacts on the environmental conditions and the ecology of the bay. These effects continue to be felt in many ways.

In the Florida Keys of Monroe County, the hurricane caused major damage to homes, buildings, trailer parks, boats, roads, the electricity supply, mobile phone coverage, internet access, sanitation, the water supply, and the fuel supply.

Tropical Storm Elsa caused minor damage in several areas of Florida on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as it approached landfall on the state's west coast.

It flooded streets, snapped construction cranes and left 58% of Florida electricity customers without power — about 5.8 million accounts — according to Florida's State Emergency Response Team.

That storm, Hurricane Andrew, made landfall southwest of Miami in 1992, killing 65 people, destroying 63,000 homes and inflicting $26.5 billion in economic losses.

Hurricane Andrew, which killed at least 10 people in Dade County, knocked out power to 1.3 million households, punished South Dade and changed the very nature of the region, left a cleanup job ...

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