What do you understand by pre monsoon period?

Tito Hintz asked a question: What do you understand by pre monsoon period?
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The pre-monsoon season occurs from March to May. It is also called mango showers or summer rain. There are characterised by squally winds, ie, they come with sudden, sharp winds that last for a long time and occur during the rain, and thunderstorms or heavy snows… The rains are usually patchy.

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pre-mechanical period means before mechanical period or also neolytic period What is the name of six seasons in English? Summer, autumn, winter, pre-winter, monsoon,

As per the India Meteorological Department, March to May are the pre-monsoon months and hence, any rainfall in this period can be attributed as pre monsoon showers. The classic features of these showers are the form of precipitation which is mainly convective (i.e thunderstorms).

About Pre-Monsoon shower Pre-monsoon shower or summer rain is formed due to the storm over the Bay of Bengal. It is a mixture of dry and moist winds. It at times gives rise to local storms, such as the occurrence of violent winds, heavy rain and hailstorms.

What do you understand by ‘Pre-monsoon period’? The period during which low pressure begins to replace the high pressure due to intense heat in the Northern Plains. This period is said to be ‘Pre-Monsoon period.”

Pre-monsoon (March, April and May – MAM) rainfall over the country is highly variable. Since heat lows and convective rainfall in MAM have an impact on the intensity of the ensuing monsoons, hence the pre-monsoon period was chosen for the study. The pre-whitened Mann Kendall test was used to explore presence of rainfall trend during MAM.

During the Monsoon season, there are periods when the Monsoon trough shifts closer to the foothills of Himalayas, which leads to sharp decrease in rainfall over most parts of the country.. However, rainfall increase along the foothills of Himalayas, Northeast India and parts of the Southern Peninsula (Rayalseema and Tamil Nadu).

The onset of the summer monsoon is marked by a period of premonsoonal rain over South China and Taiwan in early May. From May through August, the summer monsoon shifts through a series of dry and rainy phases as the rain belt moves northward, beginning over Indochina and the South China Sea (May), to the Yangtze River Basin and Japan (June) and ...

What do you understand by the ‘Retreating of the Monsoon’? When does it occur? Answer: (a) Withdrawal of the monsoon from the country is known as the retreating of the monsoon. (b) The withdrawal is a gradual process. In September the monsoon withdraws from the north western states and by October from the northern half of the peninsular.

Nature of Precipitation. Pre-Monsoon rain is sharp and intense and gets over for the day, after just one spell. But, the Southwest Monsoon brings longer spells of rain which are also recurring in nature.. Time of Occurrence. In the Monsoon season, rain can commence in Peninsular India during any time of the day, though the preferred time is generally late evening.

A premonsoon period is a specific period of time before the rainy season.

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