What does the international space station look like at night?

Jaunita Murray asked a question: What does the international space station look like at night?
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  • NASA The nighttime views of our planet are something special. These astounding views of our humble home not only show the twinkling lights below, but often feature a glowing hue from the sun and the dancing colours of auroras too. This photo captured from ISS shows a view of Scandinavia during the night:

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The International Space Station (ISS) has been orbiting our planet since 1998. From most locations on Earth, assuming you have clear night skies, you can see ISS for yourself. It looks like a...

The space station looks like a fast-moving plane in the sky, but it will be seen as a steady – not blinking – white pinpoint of light. Typically it will be the brightest object in the night sky (except for the Moon).

Wednesday night, like many other nights, you might get a view of the International Space Station, passing serenely overhead. It will look like a fast-moving airplane, even though it is traveling in...

Look up at the right time and you can spot the International Space Station with the naked eye. It looks like a tiny bright dot moving across the night sky. Or you can do what astrophotographer...

According to NASA, the station is visible to the naked eye and looks like a "fast-moving plane only much higher and travelling thousands of miles an hour faster." With that said, it is the third brightest object in the sky, which makes spotting it less difficult. Like the moon, the space station is visible because it reflects the light of the Sun.

If you aren’t sure about where to look, a good rule of thumb is that your fist outstretched at arm’s length is 10 degrees. If the ISS will be first be seen 40 degrees above the horizon, look ...

Very few people have been lucky enough to see Earth from space, but thanks to the incredible International Space Station we get to view breathtaking footage ...

It’s the size of a football field, has 3 to 6 people on board and it’s been orbiting 400km above Earth for over 20 years. Most exciting of all, the International Space Station is visible in the night sky to the naked eye if you know when and where to look.

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