What does venus have in common with saturn?

Maynard Hayes asked a question: What does venus have in common with saturn?
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  • NASA’s Pioneer Venus spacecraft discovered the north polar vortex over 25 years ago. It is perhaps the most puzzling vortex to be found in the Solar System because it has two ‘eyes’. When Venus Express arrived in orbit around Venus in April 2006, one of the top priorities was to discover whether the South pole possessed a similar double-vortex.


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❔ What does earth mars venus and saturn have in common?

What does Venus and Saturn have in common?

  • The Earth and Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter have several things in common. They are approximately spherical, they revolve around the Sun and around their own axis, they follow elliptical orbits, they are large, they have an irregular surface, and they have an atmosphere.

❔ What do mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus and neptune have in common?

they are all planets

❔ What does mars and venus have in common?

  • Take The Test Now!! Mars tends to be selfish; Venus tends to want to please. In relationships, for a woman the Venus sign represents your feminine appeal, beauty, the way in which you give love and the relationships that please you. In a man’s chart Venus shows the type of woman he will be attracted to.

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What do venus and earth have in common?

Venus and Earth are common in its size and mass.

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What do venus and hawaii have in common?

They are both volcanic.

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What do venus and jupiter have in common?

  • Both Venus and Jupiter share common likes and hobbies. Venus and Jupiter will have a happy and joyful relationship together. You will enjoy doing things together that you both love. Both planets have a positive outlook in life, which is manifested in their work and actions.

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What do venus and mars have in common?

The new observations show that, despite the differences in size and distance from the Sun, Mars and Venus are surprisingly similar. Both planets have beams of electrically charged particles flowing out of their atmospheres… Venus's atmosphere is thick and dense, whereas that of Mars is light and tenuous.

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What do venus and neptune have in common?

Venus and Neptune have a few things in common. Neither of these planets can support human life. Both of them orbit the Sun.

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What do venus and uranus have in common?

they are both planets. they are both spheres. they both orbit the sun. answered by Bexta

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Does saturn have any storms?

hexagonal storm weather

Every 28 to 30 Earth years, Saturn hosts a megastorm… Saturn's so-called 30-year storms appear seasonally, like Earth's hurricanes and typhoons but on a longer timescale. Saturn is nearly 10 times farther from the sun than Earth and takes far longer to orbit the sun – about 29 Earth years.

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Does saturn have clouds nasa?

Although it is far too cold for blossoming flowers, summer does bring storm clouds and presumably rain to Titan's south polar region.

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How far is venus from saturn?

The mean distance from the Sun for Venus is 108,208,930 kmThe mean distance from the Sun for Saturn is 1,433,449,370 kmTherefore the mean distance between the two is:- 1,325,240,440 km

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What kind of storms does saturn have?

clouds weather

Cassini scientists found that Saturn's seasonal storm, also known as the Great White Spot, kicks up water vapor and other materials up from as deep as 100 miles (160 kilometers) below the cloud tops. The vapor freezes on its way up.

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What does venus have to do with the venus fly trap?

Perhaps because of it's alien like features.

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What are the seasons on venus and saturn?

  • Only their names. The seasons are different on each planet. On Venus, seasons are short. On Saturn, a season can last for seven years. And on Mercury, you can't even tell when one season ends and the next one begins.

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What is the relationship between venus and saturn?

Saturn infuses all the quality of his into Venus. Saturn gives frustration related to all the things which are represented by Venus. Since Saturn represents fear and Venus is love, these people feel fear in expressing their feelings of love. They think that they might be rejected by the other people.

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What planet has more moons saturn or venus?

Saturn, since Venus has no moons

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What do earth mercury and venus have in common?

they are all inner planets.

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What do mercury venus and pluto have in common?

All three planets have Rocky crusts. And a rock and Iron core.

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What do venus mars and earth have in common?

Venus, Mars and Earth, three out of the four inner or 'rocky' planets of the Solar System, have a lot in common – a solid surface you could walk on, a comparable surface composition, an atmosphere and a weather system.

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Does saturn have clouds nasa mean?

This view provides detailed information on the clouds and hazes in Saturn's atmosphere. The blue colors indicate a clear atmosphere down to a main cloud layer. Different shadings of blue indicate variations in the cloud particles, in size or chemical composition. The cloud particles are believed to be ammonia ice crystals.

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Does saturn have clouds nasa model?

So, does Saturn have clouds? Yes, without question Saturn does have clouds. When the Voyager Mission traveled to Saturn back in the early 1980s it photographed a large, irregular shaped cloud formation near it’s north pole. During Cassini’s flyby some 25 years later, it was revealed that this storm was still turning. With infrared images measuring wind-speeds upwards of 200 miles per hour and a storm measuring 15,000 miles across, there is no question that Saturn has clouds. Image source ...

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Does saturn have clouds nasa project?

This false-color mosaic of Saturn shows deep-level clouds silhouetted against Saturn's glowing interior. The image was made with data from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, which can image the planet at 352 different wavelengths. This mosaic shows the entire planet, including features like Saturn's ring shadows and the terminator, the boundary between day and night.

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Does saturn have clouds nasa video?

Video Transcript Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is one of the most intriguing places in our Solar System. It is the only moon in our Solar System that has clouds and a dense atmosphere -- and atmosphere so thick that it blocks our view of the surface.

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What atmosphere does venus have?

The atmosphere of Venus is the layer of gases surrounding Venus.It is composed primarily of carbon dioxide and is much denser and hotter than that of Earth.The temperature at the surface is 740 K (467 C, 872 F), and the pressure is 93 bar (1,350 psi), roughly the pressure found 900 m (3,000 ft) underwater on Earth.

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What else does venus have?

The question is too broad. Please restate the question, asking something specific.

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What landforms does venus have?

The planet Venus has no liquid water, so the surface is hot, dry, and rocky, marked by lava flows and some volcanoes, and relatively few impact craters. Many of what appear to be craters are actually unique volcanic features such as:farra - flat-topped mesasnovae - star-shaped radial featurescoronae - ring-shaped features thought to be caused by the rise and collapse of a subsurface dome of heated materialarachnoids - spider-web designs

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What orbit does venus have?

Venus orbits the Sun every 224.7 Earth days.

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